The Search for the World’s Most Durable Smartwatch Brands

Many people buy durable smartwatch brands to wear when they exercise, compete in sports, or enjoy travel and adventures. These smartwatch shoppers know they’re rough on digital wearables, so they’re more interested in finding the most robust smartwatch than the trendiest ones. Find out which smartwatches can keep up with and complement an active lifestyle.

The World’s Most Durable Smartwatch Options

The companies that produce durable smartwatches might not always show up at the top of the list of the most popular brands. At the same time, these established manufacturers enjoy loyal followings because they satisfy their target market’s demands.

Garmin Fenix 5X

Almost all lists of 2022’s most durable smartwatches feature a Garmin smartwatch and often include the Fenix 5X. Unlike many smartwatches advertised as durable, this stylish accessory would mesh with a business suit as well as a tracksuit. Garmin made this watch strong, lightweight, and water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. The watch’s outstanding GPS will also make it tough to get lost. The Garmin Fenix 5x might not stand out as the most rugged watch on the market, but it’s a good choice for people who want to invest in a wearable they can wear for work and play.

Garmin Instinct

The Instinct might stand out as Garmin’s most rugged watch because the company constructed it to meet military standards for resistance to water, shock, and heat. It accesses not just one but three GPS systems and includes a three-axle compass. The watch’s long battery life will keep up with extended adventures too. Garmin also makes a Garmin Instinct Solar which offers solar charging for an almost limitless power supply.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

TicWatch has not emerged as a household word yet, but the lack of brand recognition might explain the relatively affordable price for a premium device. Like the Garmin Instinct, the manufacturer made this smartwatch to military standards, and it also boasts an impressive battery life.

Cassio G Shock

A tough resin case and a urethane strap make these Casio products all-day wearable and able to withstand more than the average smartwatch. According to Digital Trends, the watch stands up to shocks and can withstand water up to 200 meters. The reviewer admitted to rinsing this watch under the tap when it got dirty. (Which is something most people wouldn’t dare to do with a typical smartwatch.)

Your Durable Smartwatch Needs Extra Protection

Durable smartwatches come with tough cases and screen covers, resilient bands, and plenty of sophisticated electronics packed into a tiny package. Expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars for durability and advanced features.
At the same time, even the most robustly designed and constructed smartwatch might sometimes require service because of accidents, environmental conditions, or simple wear. In addition, some repairs may cost almost the same amount as the initial purchase price of the watch.
An Upsie extended warranty for smartwatches will protect against unexpected repair bills while ensuring prompt attention from certified technicians. A few highlights of this protection include:
  • Choose between two or three years of extended warranty protection for new and qualified refurbished smartwatches purchased within the past 60 days.
  • Enjoy access to 24-7 claims representatives by phone and a network of certified repair options.
  • Upsie offers broad coverage against damage from liquid, drops, power failures, connectivity issues, cracked screens, and more.
Even better, Upsie’s direct-to-customer sales model means that Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than competitors while offering ample protection and the best service on the market.
Enjoy peace of mind by knowing that if the watch isn’t quite as tough as advertised, an Upsie extended warranty will pay for repairs. Besides protecting smartwatches, Uspie extended warranties also cover smartphones, PCs, tablets, and other electronics.

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