Everything to Know About watchOS 8 From Apple

Apple recently announced updated versions of many core products. The new releases include smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Along with several new versions of their products, Apple also announced the release of watchOS 8, the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system. Find out when to expect the upgrade, which models work with the new OS, and how an upgrade can improve the overall smartwatch experience.

Compatibility and Release Date for watchOS 8

Apple promised to release this free update to their smartwatch operating system on September 20th. According to TechRadar, any smartwatches that already run watchOS 7 should also work with watchOS 8. These include Apple Watch Series 3 through Apple Watch Series 6, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, and Apple Watch SE.
Even though all of these phones should technically work with the new operating system, some cannot take advantage of all of the features. As an example, this update adds the ability to unlock cars to the digital wallet only for Apple Watch 6 and above.

How Will watchOS 8 Enhance the Apple Smartwatch Experience?

Apparently, Apple chose to use this upgrade mostly to tune the smartwatch experience and not to introduce any revolutionary changes. Some highlights of these upgrades include:
  • Users in participating states can add such digital IDs as their driver’s licenses to their digital wallets. Some TSA checkpoints will accept them.
  • Apple will introduce more mindfulness features and a respiratory monitor. They will also add Tai Chi and Pilates to the Workout app.
  • Users can use portrait photos as watch faces.
  • Messaging will gain finer controls. A new Contacts feature allows smartwatch owners to browse, share, and even edit contacts from their Apple phone.
CNET reported on one of the most exciting features. AssistiveTouch lets people control their smartwatch with only one arm by moving their arm and wrist in various ways. This makes the smartphone more accessible for people with only one hand or limited mobility in their other hand. The CNET reviewer tried it out and said it felt surprisingly easy and intuitive to use.

Is Apple’s New Smartwatch Operating System Worth Installing?

Apple did not choose to add any truly revolutionary features to watchOS 8. They focused more upon adding to and improving existing features. The update still offers some interesting, useful, and convenient enhancements.
The upgrade provides backwards compatibility all the way to Apple Watch 3, though only the newer smartwatches can use all of the features. Apple provides this update for free, so it appears worth at least a few minutes of time to accept it.

Insuring Apple Smartwatches Against Damage or Wear

Along with the release of an upgraded operating system, Apple also announced the new Apple Watch 7 Series. If it’s time to trade in an older smartwatch for the latest version, consider protecting it against such common hazards as drops, spills, wear, and battery problems.
While only charging a $25 deductible and imposing no limits on the number of claims, Upsie still provides an Apple smartwatch extended warranty for less than AppleCare+. Upsie will even cover Apple’s own Genius Bar, other local repair shops, and their postage-paid, mail-in service. Besides defects not covered by the initial, limited warranty, Upsie helps pay to repair damage from accidents, early wear, and much more.
These new smartwatches offer a surprising array of features for productivity, fitness, and even relaxation. They also require a substantial investment in advanced technology. An Upsie warranty will ensure that the smartwatch will continue to perform well and will not generate any unexpected repair bills.

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