Galaxy Watch 3 Versus Watch 4: Which Is Better for You?

Is it time to buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or wait until the end of August to snag a discount on a Galaxy Watch 3? Even though these Samsung smartwatches are only a release apart, they differ on the inside and the outside. Here’s a comparison of the latest version of this popular smartwatch with its predecessor.

Galaxy Watch 3 Vs. Galaxy Watch 4

TechRadar rated the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as the best Android smartwatch on the market. In fact, they only liked Apple’s iOS-compatible Apple Watch SE better.
For people on the fence about iOS versus Android, the Samsung watch works with either one. Other attractive features of the Watch 3 include 8GB of onboard storage, a rotating bezel that makes navigation simple, and a powerful processor.
For the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung updated the operating system to Google’s Wear OS. While this change still prioritizes Samsung apps, the update introduces more Google apps as well. According to Tom’s Guide, the new smartwatch also includes the One UI Watch platform, which helps integrate the phone with other Samsung devices.
As an example, Galaxy smartphone settings can automatically transfer to a new Watch 4. Learn more about the One UI Watch platform by reading this previous Upsie article.

Price for Galaxy Watch 3 Vs. Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Watch 3 still offers good value, though most Android watch fans would recognize the Galaxy Watch 4 as a notable update. But, of course, price factors into value, so many buyers will probably consider the cost when they compare both watches.
With that in mind, consider these prices for the latest Galaxy smartwatch:
  • Standard Galaxy Watch 4: The 40mm Bluetooth option costs $249, and the LTE version costs $299. Expect to pay $279 for Bluetooth and $329 for the LTE option of the 44mm version.
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: This model costs $349 for 42mm Bluetooth, and the 42mm LTE model costs $399. For the 46mm version, Bluetooth costs $379, and LTE costs $429.
For seamless integration with Google apps and other Samsung products and a more robust processor and operating system, the Galaxy Watch 4 looks like a smart choice. Moreover, if the price of a Galaxy Watch 3 drops dramatically after the introduction of its successor, consumers could snag a very good product for a bargain.

Why Buy a Galaxy Watch Extended Warranty?

Samsung earned a great reputation for producing durable, high-performance smartwatches. These devices even have waterproof and dustproof ratings from independent testers. However, the very mobility of these devices makes them vulnerable to wear, accidents, and other issues.
For an affordable and robust protection plan, consider adding an Upsie Samsung smartwatch warranty to the purchase of a new Galaxy Watch. Competitive prices, flexible repair choices, and comprehensive coverage make Upsie’s warranties a great deal for budget-minded consumers.
Besides Galaxy smartwatches, Upsie also offers protection plans for other brands and many kinds of electronics or appliances.

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