Galaxy Watch 4 With One UI Based on Google’s Wear OS

The new Galaxy Watch 4 is on its way with one exceptional new feature everyone is buzzing about: WearOS. In May 2021, 9-to-5 Google suggested that, besides the Apple Watch, the latest Samsung release could be one of the most important smartwatches to come around in quite some time. The reason is that it will merge Samsung’s hardware with one based on the Google Wear Operating System (OS) called One UI Watch. It will replace the Tizen OS of previous models.
Further, it appears that both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Active will both be running on One UI Watch. There will also be a third Galaxy Watch 4 in the mix, since Samsung worked on this version release using the code names Wise, Fresh, and Lucky. But the details on the third watch aren’t clear yet. However, there are reports that it will also be a sportier model. The first watch, presumably the Galaxy 4 Watch, will feature a classic design with a rotating bezel, while the other is more of a classic smartwatch design.
You’re probably looking for more details about these smartwatches, right? Keep reading to learn as much as you can about what each one offers and the right extended smartwatch warranty to keep your training on schedule.

The Details You Need to Know About the Galaxy Watch 4

Industry professionals were hopeful that Samsung would let the cat out of the bag and offer some release details at the June 29, 2021, Mobile World Congress (MWC) launch event. Still, the South Korean electronics giant stayed relatively mum on the details. However, there are some things industry pros have pieced together to help you prepare for the release, so you can check it out online or in your local store as soon as possible.

When Can You Find the Galaxy Watch 4 With WearOS?

The best estimate is that you can buy one of three watches sometime this summer. While that’s seriously vague, it gives you a window to keep in mind as you search for your next or first smartwatch.

What Will The Galaxy Watch 4 Line Look Like?

The look and feel of these smartwatches should be similar to previous iterations. Nothing in the new OS should cause Samsung to have to make any drastic design changes. So everything should look similar to the respective lines in the Galaxy Watch 3 models. Everyone is buzzing over the possibilities on this point since WearOS gives Samsung the chance to offer the best of all worlds with a sleekly designed smartwatch interface and a huge range of third-party apps available from the Google Play Store.
Essentially, the Galaxy Watch 4 will look similar to the Galaxy Watch 3.

What Are the Specs and Features That Make the Galaxy Watch 4 Worth It?

One of the most exciting new features, according to TechRadar, is the Galaxy Watch 4’s ability to function as a walkie-talkie. It allows you to send voice messages to friends while on the go. If it sounds to you like the smartwatch is inching closer to Get Smart and James Bond levels of gadgetry, you’re not alone. Such features ramp up the excitement level for everyone.
Here are some additional features you’re likely to love:
  • SmartThings features that allow for an easier to use interface
  • Longer battery life
  • Access to a huge array of health and fitness apps, thanks to easy and instant access to the Google Play Store
  • Copies clock settings stored on your phone

Are You Looking Forward to Trying Out the Galaxy Watch 4 With WearOS?

Hopefully, this information gives you enough insights to decide whether you’d like to purchase the Galaxy Watch 4 with WearOS or stick with a previous model. Regardless of which you choose, it’s crucial to invest in an extended warranty that protects your new watch so it runs as much and as consistently as you do.
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