What is Google WearOS for Smartwatches?

Rebranding isn’t uncommon for businesses. Sometimes it helps broaden interest or show expanded capabilities, which is the case with WearOS from Google. Once known primarily as your friendly mega-search engine, Google has branched out considerably over the past decade and now includes wearable software platforms in its repertoire. Pocket-Lint shares that “four years after launching Android Wear in 2014, Google renamed the software platform to WearOS by Google.”
Do you own a smartwatch that switched from Android Wear to Google WearOS?

What Is WearOS by Google?

Android has long served as the mobile operating system for Google and associated with Google’s Play Store and related mobile application products. Also, Google allows other companies to use its platform as a base of operations for smartphones. The time has finally come for Google to adapt Android for smartwatches with WearOS.
Google WearOS was designed to make all the necessary adaptations to bring all the features and specifications you love in Android phones to smartwatches. The WearOS by Google app syncs your smartphone and phone, so you can see crucial messages and track steps taken, calories burned, and other health and fitness data. Better still, you can check everything from your wrist instead of needing to turn on your phone to wait for synchronization. Your smartwatch becomes a natural extension of your mobile phone while you are out on the trail, on the road or in the swimming pool, so it helps if seeing your data only calls for a raise of the wrist.

Why Did the Name Change from Android Wear to Google WearOS?

Google decided to broaden the name to account for the inclusion of its pairing with iOS smartwatch devices, which is something not offered with Apple watchOS. Google now allows for more operating systems to join in the fun.
WearOS currently works with phones running:
  • Android 6.0+ except for the Go edition
  • iOS 10.0+ with different supported features available for various watches, phones and locations
It is important to note that, although iOS syncs with Google WearOS, Android is the only smartphone to experience the full spectrum of features.

What Additional Benefits Can You Expect for the Switch to Google WearOS for Your Smartwatch?

PC Magazine states that the operating system has undergone multiple changes to improve a fitness enthusiast’s experience. Not only will users need to identify their smartwatch OS platform by a new name, but WearOS comes with a new logo, as well as:
  • A cleaner, clearer and more streamlined user interface
  • Adaptative text sizes
  • Attractive fonts
  • Dark mode backgrounds to offer a gentler visual experience
  • Integration of Google Fit into the app to let you enter and see fitness metrics on the home screen of your smartwatch

Is WearOS by Google Difficult to Navigate for Users?

One of the main goals for Google’s WearOS was for it to provide more straightforward navigation and less work for users. Google managed to fit more features and functions into different sections of the application’s interface without making it complicated and overwhelming for users. The point was to make it simpler for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts to stay in motion while checking data.
Here are a few crucial functions:
  • Swipe down to access the settings and shortcut icons. At this point, choose settings such as brightness, airplane mode, do not disturb, Google Pay, find my phone, battery saver mode and turn off the screen.
  • Swipe right to reach the new Google Assistant-powered feature, which provides you with a summary of your day’s activities, such as a physician’s appointment, lunch reservation or a team meeting at work.
  • Swipe up to see all of your notifications, nested in chronological order.

Are Some Watches More Effective with Google WearOS Than Others?

There are some watches that are currently recommended to work seamlessly with WearOS by Google, such as:
However, your smartwatch will likely pair perfectly with WearOS. A full list of compatible watches is available here.

Will Upsie Cover a Fitness Watch Warranty Signed Under Android Wear?

Fortunately, the software platform change has no bearing on your wearable tech warranty with Upsie, whether you bought it new or used. Upsie will still cover your smartwatch against bumps, breaks, and liquid damage, while providing service at a local certified repair shop or mail-in basis. Check out our list of watches covered under a 2 or 3 year extended warranty from Upsie:
  • Apple
  • ASUS
  • Fossil
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Skagen
  • TikWatch
  • And many more
The smartwatch itself will not change in any way once your Android wearable tech device undergoes the update from Android Wear to WearOS by Google, so you can rest easy knowing your coverage remains the same with Upsie.

Protect Your Future Android Smartwatch Investment with an Upsie Warranty!

If you have recently gotten serious about your fitness and plan to buy an Android smartwatch, boost your warranty protection through Upsie. Contact Upsie to learn about the various types of coverage available for smartwatches and fitness trackers to add life and health to your healthy lifestyle investment.

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