The 5 Best Tablets of 2021: Which Device Is Best?

The tablet market is just as competitive as the smartphone arena. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the same heavyweight tech titans who fight for handset supremacy are also duking it out for the tablet throne. As such, choosing a tablet can be nearly as difficult as finding the right phone.
For some time now, the iPad has been the undisputed king of tablets, but with every new year comes new challengers. Let’s take a look at five of the best tablets available in 2021 — a list once again dominated by Apple devices.

iPad Pro

At first glance, the iPad Pro’s greatest strength is front and center: the stunning Liquid Retina XDR screen is almost reason enough alone to drop $1,200 on this gorgeous device. Thankfully, the iPad Pro isn’t just about looks. Apple’s lightning-fast M1 chip proves that the iPad Pro can tackle productivity tasks with the speed of a top-of-the-line desktop computer.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung’s Galaxy devices tout an impressive line of tablets. The Galaxy Tab 6S Lite — an affordable, lightweight tablet with loads of features. Samsung’s S Pen gives the Galaxy Tab 6S Lite the ability to take handwritten notes and quickly organize information, making it a great choice for students. For $349, its price is low enough that even the most frugal tech-lover can justify this purchase.

Amazon Fire 7

There’s no tablet currently on the market that’s more affordable than the Amazon Fire 7. For $50, users can get a solid-looking screen, a modest 16GB of space, and roughly seven hours of battery life. It’s the perfect device to watch streaming videos while on the go.
If there is such a thing as disposable technology, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet certainly fits the description. With such a low price, it’s the perfect gift for young ones just getting their feet wet with modern tech. If an ad-supported version isn’t out of the question, customers can get a Fire 7 with lock screen advertisement for just $35.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Surface Go 2 packs a lot into its $299 starting price and is an excellent tablet choice. A convenient built-in kickstand makes it perfect for watching videos, following recipes, and completing other hands-on tasks. While it won’t blow anyone away with its performance or screen, it’s an incredibly lightweight device and built to last. Customizing a Surface Go 2 can bump up the performance and the storage size.

iPad mini

The iPad lineup of products released the diminutive iPad mini. In this case, good things come in small packages. The 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display ensures that even those with mediocre eyesight will have no problem using the device.
Despite its handheld size, the iPad mini is no slouch when it comes to productivity. Apple’s A15 Bionic chip has proven to be up to the task when it comes to editing photos and audio, as well as everyday operations.
The 64GB model of the iPad Mini retails for $499v— a hefty price to pay for such a small device. It’s a testament to the quality of the screen and the computing power inside that the price is well worth it.

Protecting the Top Tablets of 2021

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