Best iPad Covers and Cases for New iPad and iPad Mini 6

At its most recent event, Apple announced two new iPads: an update to the entry-level iPad (now its ninth generation) and an all-new form factor and design for the iPad Mini 6. Of course, with new iPads comes the age-old question: what kind of case or cover should you get for that new piece of hardware?
Below, you’ll find top recommendations for cases and covers for the new models.

iPad (Ninth Generation) Covers and Cases

The new iPad brings a better processor and vastly upgraded camera tech to the educational and kid-focused iPad. Thankfully (in terms of case decisions, at least), Apple has kept the dimensions completely identical, at 9.8 by 6.8 by 0.29 inches. This means previous-generation cases should fit the new iPad just fine, vastly expanding your options for third-party cases and covers.

Apple’s Best: Smart Keyboard

Apple’s best option for a front cover is the Smart Keyboard, which incorporates a very respectable keyboard into a multi-angle cover stand. When collapsed flat, it just looks like a thicker than usual smart cover. And, when open, it props up your iPad in landscape mode, with or without the keyboard in position.
At $159, it’s a bit pricey, but it may well be worth the smart Apple integration. Apple also makes a $49 Smart Cover, but honestly, it’s not that smart. You can get the same functionality from dozens of Amazon sellers for way less cash.

Best Folio: Incipio Faraday Folio Case

The Incipio Faraday Folio Case is a great folio-style case that does everything the Smart Cover does — plus adds a protective shell. This one was technically made for last year’s model, but it will still fit.
If you’re an Apple Pencil user, this case has a loop for keeping your pencil tucked away. That’s more than any of Apple’s options can boast.

Great for Kids: BMOUO Kids Case

Taking some obvious cues from Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition, the BMOUO Kids Case keeps this budget iPad safe, with kid-friendly features like an oversized chunky handle and kickstand. With this option, you’ll get a kid-proof heavy-duty screen protector, too. It’s not the sort of thing grown-ups would want to watch a movie with, but it’s perfect for kids.
This is a sub-$20 case available in seven kid-friendly color combinations.

iPad Mini 6 Covers and Cases

While the ninth-gen iPad was a safe, iterative update, the iPad Mini 6 is more radical. It’s an entirely new form factor, with squared-off edges, no home button, and a nearly edge-to-edge display. It matches the updated body style in last year’s iPad Air and the flat edges of the iPhone 12 and 13.
It’s a big upgrade in terms of specs, too: the smallest iPad is now the most powerful non-pro device, outpacing the larger and more expensive Air (until the next refresh, anyway). It’s also 5G-capable.
An all-new form factor means the third-party case and cover market is scrambling to catch up. At the moment, the best move is to stick with Apple’s offering or to choose from a well-known third-party maker.

Apple Smart Folio iPad Covers

Apple currently makes one case for the iPad Mini 6, called the Smart Folio. This case essentially combines a Smart Cover with matching back-of-device protection. In addition, it’s available in five colors that (arguably) complement the four shades of the iPad mini.
The Smart Folio will automatically sleep your iPad when you close it and wake it when you open it, and it folds into three-ish different viewing angles. To be fair, most third-party folio cases can do all of this, too.
iPad Mini 6 now has magnetic support for Apple Pencil (second-gen) along the long edge of the device. Apple’s Smart Folio leaves one edge exposed for exactly this reason. So if you want both a case and an attachable Apple Pencil, this is the option for you (at least so far).
The Smart Folio sells for $59 from Apple.

Best Without Cover: Spigen Rugged Armor

Not everyone needs a cover on their iPad — especially not an iPad this small. If you want a rugged case to protect against drops and impact but don’t feel that you need a cover, the Spigen Rugged Armor case is a great choice.
Pair it with a Spigen screen protector for even more protection.
If you’re looking for something else for the iPad Mini 6, your options at the moment aren’t particularly great. You can take a chance on a $12 or $15 case from an unknown brand, but your best bet is to wait for reputable makers to release their new lineups.

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If you just picked up a new iPad or iPad Mini 6, now is the time to protect it. A case is a great starting point; however, your case won’t guarantee protection against drops and liquid spills.
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