Everything You Should Know About the New iPad and iPad Air

When the winter holidays approach, Apple’s announcement of new devices has become just about as predictable as pumpkin spice. True to form, the company announced the release of their eighth generation iPad and their new iPad Air on September 18.
According to CNET, Apple still doesn’t sell as many iPads as iPhones. At the same time, this year’s tablet sales have climbed because people remained at home more and wanted to upgrade their existing devices or enjoy a portable but larger alternative to their phone.

How Do the Eighth-Generation iPad Vs. iPad Air Compare?

Look at a quick comparison between the new iPad and the iPad Air.

Eighth Generation iPad

Still Apple’s most popular tablet computer, the new iPad will retail for $329 for the 32GBmodel or $429 for the 128 GB model. Apple also offers special educational pricing of $299 for this device.
Like last year, the screen measures 10.2 inches, and the tablet has most of the same basic hardware. Apple’s introduction of the new A12 Bionic chip should make a noticeable difference in performance over the old A10 Fusion chip.

The New iPad Air

Expect to find the latest model, launching in October, priced at $599. The new iPad Air will introduce more visible differences than the entry-level iPad does. For some examples:
  • The screen will increase to 10.9 inches. Apple made that change by moving the device’s home button to the device’s front and not by increasing the tablet’s overall size.
  • Also, besides the previous color choices of silver, gray, and gold, iPad Air users can also pick blue or green.
  • They also changed charging from their proprietary Lightning Charge to USB-C, which some people may find more convenient
The new iPod Air will also come with an A14 processor, an upgrade from last year’s A12. According to Apple, this processor will make the device suitable for playing the most graphics-intensive games and editing large videos.

How Does the iPad Pro Compare to the New iPad Air?

Since the iPad Pro generally costs considerably more than the new iPad Air, many consumers will want to know which one will give them more value for their dollars.
Surprisingly, Apple released the iPad Air with a better processor than this year’s iPad Pro, so that might get plenty of people to take a long look at the cheaper device. Also, since the iPad Pro’s display measures 11 inches, it only offers a slightly larger screen. Air owners also get USB-C charging, which was formerly reserved for the Pro. The iPad Air even comes in more colors than the Pro.
So, what’s better about the iPad Pro? It does offer optional upgrades for more storage. Air options include 64GB or 256GB, but the Pro can go all the way up to 1TB. It also comes with 6GB of RAM, compared to 4G for the Air. The iPad Pro comes with Face ID, and the iPad Air and base-level iPad only come with Touch ID.

How to Protect a New iPad

All of the new iPads deliver extra features. Apple also has a good reputation as a high-quality manufacturer. Even though these tablets cost a few hundred dollars, buyers expect them to provide them with a good experience for a long time. Of course, that explains why consumers should consider buying iPad insurance to make certain that they protect their investment against the unexpected.
An Upsie tablet warranty protects against cracked or unresponsive screens, liquid spills, problems with charging or connecting to the internet, battery faults, and much more. Upsie offers a 24/7 customer service line and lets customers choose between the Genius Bar, other certified shops, or mail-in repairs.
Customers have up to 60 days after they purchase an iPad to get Upsie iPad insurance, so there’s no pressure to get a warranty at the retail counter. At the same time, it’s fast and easy to get affordable, flexible Upsie protection.

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