The Galaxy Tab Active 3 Android Tablet is Great for Business

People have certainly grown fond of their mobile devices in recent years. At the same time, the biggest problem mobiles users have usually involves the way that mobility can make sophisticated electronics particularly vulnerable to accidents.
TechRadar called the Galaxy Tab Active 3 one of the most rugged devices of its kind. They also mentioned that this hardworking tablet had features that made it a good choice for businesses that employ workers out in the field.
In a market mostly flooded by ultra-lightweight tablets designed for consumers, find out why the Galaxy Tab Active 3 might offer a good choice for some people who want both mobility and durability.

What’s Unique About the Galaxy Tab Active 3?

The reinforced and rounded corners on the device lend it a bit of a retro appearance. That and the frame extends past the screen, which might look different when compared to typical tablets. At the same time, these features help protect both the device’s screen and case against drops or bumps.
Some other unusual features about this model include physical buttons. These may make the tablet easier to use when wearing gloves because of the weather or performing physical work. Also, the 8-inch screen has enough lighting to display well in bright sunshine.
While the tablet can’t rival the best performing competitors on the market for speed, it’s fast enough for common use. Also, it includes a generous amount of storage. Basically, consider this tablet if durability and usefulness under a variety of conditions matter. That’s why it’s a good choice for businesses or anybody who doesn’t want to worry if a slight bump will ruin a fragile device.

How to Protect a Galaxy Active Tab 3

Samsung built the Galaxy Tab Active 3 with durability in mind. At the same time, the kind of people who need a more robust device probably also run more risks. Naturally, using a tablet in the course of daily business, school, or even pleasure creates more risk of having to deal with problems like early wear, liquid spills, and cracked screens.
That’s why many prudent consumers and business owners will also invest in the best tablet insurance available. Sure, Samsung provides a limited warranty with the purchase of a new tablet. However, like most limited warranties on mobile devices, the Samsung tablet warranty only lasts for one year and focuses mainly on protecting new buyers by covering manufacturing defects.
Furthermore, Samsung designed their new Galaxy Tab Active 3 to appeal to a defined target market, and so did Upsie when they designed their warranty service. Todays electronics buyers tend to care about convenience, affordability, and service, and that’s exactly what Upsie offers.
For some examples:
  • An efficient business model lets Upsie keep their prices lower than their competitors.
  • Customers can file claims when they’re logged into the Upsie site, or they can call a live representative 24 hours a day.
  • Upsie customers can choose between a two- or three-year protection plan.
  • Customers can also choose between prepaid mail-in or local service, always from certified repair shops.
  • New tablet buyers have up to 60 days to protect their device, so they don’t have to make an impulsive decision at the sales counter or online checkout.
Even more, Upsie gives their members protection against common accidents. Examples include spills, drops and problems with power, buttons, connectivity, cameras, and touch screens. Mostly, people who decide to buy a durable, business-ready tablet will want a warranty that can keep up with them.
Dig deeper into the benefits of a Galaxy Tab Active 3 warranty to get started. In addition to Samsung tablets, Upsie also protects other brands and other kinds of mobile devices or electronics.

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