Galaxy Tab S7 FE – Feature-Rich Experience on a Budget

Samsung’s first Fan Edition tablet, the recently unveiled Galaxy Tab S7 FE, has a lot to live up to. It promises what Samsung calls ‘fan favorite’ features, which includes a 12.4-inch display in an affordable package.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE launches alongside the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. By far, the FE’s stand-out feature is its display. The same size as that found on the Galaxy Tab S7+, the newcomer, is expected to undercut its more expensive stablemate significantly. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is another cost-cutting exercise on Samsung’s part.
In this instance, the smaller Lite-badged 8.7-inch device focuses on providing affordable entertainment on the go. However, it’s the Galaxy Tab S7 FE that we’re here to look at. Does it live up to expectations as a feature-rich device while also priced to appeal to more budget-conscious buyers? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung’s all-new Fan Edition Galaxy Tab certainly looks the part. It’s designed to sell in huge numbers as well, it seems, with a rumored starting price of as little as $400. At 12.4 inches, its screen is identical in size to the Galaxy Tab S7+’s display. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end, at least in this particular regard.
Bringing the Galaxy Tab S7 FE in on budget means that it lacks the OLED tech found in the more expensive device. Perhaps that’s to be expected. Either way, there’s little to fault with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s frankly adequate, if slightly outdated, TFT display. This is especially true considering a potential saving of up to $450 over the $849.99 Galaxy Tab S7+.
Further money-saving measures are evident in the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s processor. Older tech is relied upon here, too, in the shape of a somewhat dated Snapdragon chip. It also packs just half the RAM and storage capacity of the Galaxy Tab S7+ by default, although it’s possible to upgrade.
At the same time, various bits of Galaxy Tab S7+ tech have, in fact, made their way into the cheaper Fan Edition model. For example, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available with the same optional 5G support currently found on the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Fan Edition Takes the Place of Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite

Samsung had looked set to launch what fans of the brand had begun to call the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite. Believed to be pending release along with a budget Galaxy Tab A7, Samsung has now put an end to these rumors with its so-called Fan Edition.
While the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has come to market as expected, the S7 Plus Lite moniker has been ditched. Delivered instead as the Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition, the 12.4-inch budget Galaxy Tab is more or less identical to the rumored Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite in all but name.
It remains to be seen if the effectively axed Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite’s proposed range of colors, including pink and green finishes, will see the light of day in Fan Edition guise. Currently, Samsung continues to show off the Galaxy Tab S7 FE in a choice of black or silver only.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Features

At its core, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE strikes a welcome balance between functionality and affordability. What it lacks in processing power and memory, it more or less makes up for by packing a giant screen.
While that screen may not live up to the standard of the more expensive Galaxy Tab S7+’s offering, it still supports Samsung’s handy S Pen. Better still, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE ships with an S Pen in the box, rather than selling it as a $40 accessory.
The Galaxy Tab S7 FE also gets a sizable 10,090mAh battery with support for fast charging. Elsewhere, there’s an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel one on the front.
Other Fan Edition features include:
  • Weighing in at 1.34 pounds
  • Dedicated microSDXC slot
  • Four-speaker stereo sound
  • Gyro, proximity, and compass sensors
  • Standard Samsung DeX functionality

Galaxy Tab S7 FE Warranty

As with any tablet computer, most Galaxy Tab S7 FEs are likely to face the rigors of daily life. Both at home and on the go, those eager to safeguard their new tablet may want to secure the peace of mind of an extended warranty, courtesy of Samsung Care+.
Alternatively, more budget-conscious and savvy shoppers should shop around. By choosing Upsie, for example, it’s possible to save more than 70% on tablet warranty protection.
Additional benefits of choosing Upsie include:
  • Insurance against manufacturing defects that hinder usability
  • Protection from screen cracks and other accidental damage
  • Coverage against damage as a result of liquid spills or submersion
  • Repairs for faults involving batteries, power sources, and wiring
  • Safeguards against touchscreens becoming unresponsive or not usable
  • Help with malfunctioning cameras, microphones, and volume controls
  • Support for faults involving Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and networking
Prices start at $72.99. This is based on a three-year extended warranty for a Samsung Galaxy tablet costing up to $499 with comprehensive accident protection. Galaxy Tab S7 FE buyers can lock in peace of mind with Upsie for up to 60 days after making their purchase.
Every Upsie policy includes access to local certified repair centers, or unlimited round-trip shipping to the company’s certified repair center. Furthermore, if a repair isn’t possible on your first claim, Upsie will replace your device at no extra cost.

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