Got Tablet and iPad Questions? Find Answers in This FAQ

Millions of people enjoy using their iPad or Android tablets every day. But there are plenty of questions out there for this important category of device. Got tablet and iPad questions? Check the FAQ below to find the answers you’re looking for.

Which is better, an iPad or an Android tablet?

This is kind of like asking whether Ford or Chevy is better. It isn’t possible to give a clear-cut answer. That said, there are some things you should know. The iPad experience is consistent. Every current device in the lineup is powerful, responsive and impressive. You can pay a lot for a tricked-out large iPad Pro or a lot less for a baseline iPad or anything in between. Every device will perform well and run all iOS apps with ease.
On the Android side, it’s not so simple. If you buy a flagship tablet from Samsung, you can expect that same kind of performance. But there are all sorts of budget Android tablets out there, and some of them aren’t worth the money you’d spend. There are OS and app compatibility issues, and some “compatible” apps just won’t run well on cheaper devices.
In the end, most people will pick a tablet based on whichever OS ecosystem they already use. If you have an iPhone, choose an iPad. If you have an Android phone, you’ll like the similarity of an Android tab.

What do people use tablets for?

All sorts of things! Most people use tablets for entertainment and consumption (games and video) as well as for communication, like FaceTime and Zoom. Some people use them to create art. Some even use them to record and edit music and video on the go.
You can get some business and office tasks done on a tablet, too. Because tablets are so mobile, they have become an essential tool for service personnel in many industries.

Can I do office tasks (and run Office) on my tablet?

Yes, to a degree. Microsoft Office is available as a unified app for both iOS and Android, and both Apple and Google also offer their own competing set of office suite tools. It’s perfectly simple to do some basic tasks on tablet devices. These include checking and responding to emails, communicating via Slack or Teams and reviewing documents.
That said, there are limitations. Any activity that you’d normally use a keyboard and mouse for is going to be less efficient on a touch screen. Therefore, you might get frustrated trying to type long form documents or emails on a touchscreen keyboard.

Are there extended warranties for Android tablets and iPads?

Yes there are! As awesome as the tablet experience may be, many tablets feature glass screens that can shatter if dropped. Internal components may also start to fail if subjected to enough abuse.
Companies like Upsie have stepped in to alleviate this problem by offering extended warranties that include accidental damage protection.

How do I connect to the internet from my tablet?

Just about every tablet can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Look for Wi-Fi in your device settings and tap through the options there.
Some tablets can also connect via cellular data. If your tablet has this ability and it’s not working, make sure you’re enrolled in a data plan with a cellular provider like Sprint or AT&T.
Lastly, if you need to connect to the internet where there’s no Wi-Fi, you might be able to purchase a LAN adapter for your tablet. Check with your manufacturer.

My tablet looks fragile. What if my tablet screen shatters?

It’s true; many tablet screens are a bit fragile. Normally, if your tablet screen shatters, you’re just plain out of luck. You have to pay to get it replaced at a repair shop, and those repairs aren’t cheap.
Getting an extended warranty with accidental damage coverage is the answer here. With a service plan in place, your shattered screen will be repaired with a quick phone call and small deductible.

Can I use an iPad as a professional drawing tablet?

Many professional and aspiring artists use a Wacom tablet or similar device to create digital art. The iPad is a powerful creation tool, and the optional Apple Pencil offers an impressive degree of precision. Some artists prefer the portability of the iPad when paired with apps like ProCreate.
On the other hand, a Wacom drawing tablet gives a finer degree of control and integrates better with desktop apps like Adobe Creative Suite. If you don’t need to be mobile and already work in a desktop workflow, the Wacom might be the better choice.

What’s the best extended warranty for iPads and Android tablets?

There are all sorts of companies selling extended warranties for iPads and Android tablets. Apple and Samsung themselves sell first-party care plans, and many big-box stores like Best Buy offer their own plans. But with all of these, you’re paying a serious markup.
Upsie has the best extended warranty for the money, with affordable two- and three-year plans that are easy to understand and use. If your device has a covered problem — including accidental damage — Upsie will cover the repair or replacement of the device.
Ready to get protected? Start here.

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