How the iPad Trade-In Program Saves Money and the Planet

Late last year, CNBC reported on the electronics waste problem and how major tech companies didn’t do enough to help fix it. They said the amount of electronic waste produced every year in the US equaled the weight of about 19 Empire State Buildings. At the same time, recyclers only collect about 15% of that.
Apple’s iPad trade-in program may help improve that figure somewhat. At the same time as they help preserve the environment, trading in devices can give consumers a chance to save money on new iPads or other Apple products.

What is Apple’s iPad Trade-In Program?

Apple will offer either a gift card or a credit on new purchases in exchange for trading in eligible devices, like iPads, iPhones, and Macs. People can take advantage of this program online or by visiting an Apple Store. If done online, Apple will even send a prepaid package for mailing the product back to their recycling center. The Apple website has more details about the program on their trade-in page.
Apple won’t accept every device back for credit or gift cards. Even if they don’t offer credit, they will still take care of used product recycling for free. They can also provide instructions to properly wipe the information on devices to protect security.
This program gives people a good incentive to ensure they get their old tablets, computers, phones, and other electronics properly recycled or disposed of. At the same time, shoppers get an incentive to buy Apple products because they can save money with a gift card or store credit.

Why Buy an Upsie Extended iPad Warranty?

Some people automatically buy an extended warranty for their laptop or desktop computer; however, they don’t think they need extra protection for an iPad. In that case, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of tablet extended warranties. These portable, lightweight, and very slim devices get carried around, left on tables, and put in pockets all the time. Sure, it’s easy and convenient to use an iPad; however, the way they get used can make them vulnerable to wear and accidental damages.
An Upsie extended warranty gives iPad owners the most affordable and effective way to protect their tablet against:
  • Cracked screens or external housing from drops and bumps
  • Damage from liquid spills, puddles, or rain
  • Issues with the camera, battery, touchscreen, internet connection, jacks, and much more
Typically, Upsie charges less than the cost of a typical repair for up to three years’ worth of protection. Even more, they charge less than their competitors and only require a $25 deductible for each repair. Many other warranty companies have high service fees.
Upsie doesn’t skimp on service either. Customers can call a live representative to file claims at any time of the day or night, plus they have a choice of prepaid repairs by mail or service from local certified repair shops and Apple Genius Bars.

Get Started with iPad Extended Warranties From Upsie

Besides new iPads, Upsie also covers many used and refurbished devices. Customers have up to 60 days to get a warranty after purchasing a new tablet, so there’s no reason to make a rushed decision.
They also provide protection plans for other brands of tablets and e-readers, like Samsung and Amazon. Just visit the Upsie tablet warranty page to find the right product, read the simple, clear pricing and details, and then register a warranty online.
Go ahead and enjoy the portability and convenience of an iPad without worry. An Upsie iPad extended warranty will provide peace of mind that if something breaks, it’s easy to get convenient repairs done from reputable service centers. This also helps ensure the iPad stays in great condition for a future trade-in deal on a new one.

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