Tablet vs. Laptop: What Is the Best Choice for Buyers?

No matter how well people maintain their technology, something will eventually break down. At that point, it’s time to start looking over various options when it comes to a personal computer. Laptops used to be the obvious choice for people looking for a lightweight and flexible machine. However, tablets have evolved to the point where many can handle heavy workloads. Let’s look at the benefits of a tablet vs. a laptop, and why buyers might want to invest in an Upsie extended warranty regardless of their choice.

The Benefits of a Tablet

Advanced tablets let buyers perform tasks like conducting intensive web research and having multiple word processing and spreadsheet applications open at the same time. They also support playing intense multiplayer online games, and streaming movies along with other everyday computing tasks. They also tend to be smaller and lighter than laptops. That portability makes them an excellent option for frequent travelers who want to keep their load as light as possible.
However, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to a tablet. For example, tablets don’t have internal fans to keep the components cool, So they often have lower-powered processors to conserve battery power and limit heat generation. Buyers should check out the specs to make sure a tablet gives them the power needed to support their favorite applications.
Additionally, some users may not be comfortable with the touchscreen of a tablet and prefer the permanent keyboard of a laptop versus relying on a wireless version for their tablet. Also the display on a tablet may not provide the same level of resolution as a laptop. Again, this is due to the lower processing power and weaker video processing components.

Upsie Tablet Insurance

Buyers who do decide to go with a tablet can opt to buy an Upsie tablet warranty within 60 days of a new purchase. Upsie offers protection beyond the standard manufacturer warranty provided by many brands. The cost varies depending on the price of the tablet and if it is used/refurbished or new. However, Upsie tablet insurance comes in at a lower price point than buyers will find when researching other options, especially compared to what’s offered by big-box retailers.
Upsie tablet insurance offers the following benefits:
  • Choice of a two or three-year insurance plan
  • Low deductibles on all plans
  • Protection for cracked screens
  • Coverage for accidental liquid spills and submersions
  • Protection against touchscreen, camera, power, and headphone jack failure
Anyone who purchases an Upsie tablet extended warranty gets to choose between sending their device to Upsie for repairs or taking it to their favorite local repair shop. That means iPad owners can also take their device to a nearby Genius bar to fix any covered issues.

The Benefits of a Laptop

The biggest advantage that laptops have over tablets is the amount of power built into the device. That makes it more capable of supporting heavy-duty applications at the same time. Laptops also have more available ports and connections which makes them capable of supporting devices connecting via a USB, Lightning, HDMI, or through other means.
Since laptops come with full-scale operating systems, users have more control over storing and manipulating files and data. Those kinds of functions may become more complicated when working with the most powerful tablets. The software on laptops also allows for more variety when it comes to performing tasks like video editing or working with graphic design tools.
One drawback to working with a laptop is that there may be more security vulnerabilities. Many tablets have closed systems, making it much harder for viruses to gain a foothold. Laptops, especially those using a Windows OS, must always be protected from external attacks with security software and virus scanners.

Upsie Laptop Warranties

Buyers of a new, used or refurbished laptop also have the option of purchasing extended coverage through Upsie. With Upsie laptop insurance, buyers can protect themselves from having to pay for large repair bills related to any failures in new devices or accidental drops and spills. Other advantages offered by Upsie laptop extended warranty coverage include:
  • Accident protection against unintentional liquid damage
  • Hardware damage due to drops
  • WiFi connectivity defects
  • RAM or power failures
  • Malfunctioning screen components, including screen burn-in and other display issues
Laptops can be sent in for repairs, or taken in to a local certified repair facility. MacBook owners can even choose to take their device to a Genius bar through Upsie. All Upsie laptop warranties may be canceled, without hassle, during the two or three-year coverage period for a prorated amount if no claims have been approved.

What to Think About When Making a Choice Between a Laptop and Tablet

It all depends on the kind of workload a buyer needs from their device. An application developer might opt to go with a laptop because they need something that supports various software tools and databases. However, a tablet might be the better option for an entrepreneur who needs something more lightweight.  Tablets can easily conduct conference calls and respond to emails while traveling from one city to another.
Regardless if you choose a laptop vs a tablet, Upsie has a protection plan to meet your needs. Call Upsie at (877) 844-7745 or make contact online via Twitter or Facebook for any other questions about Upsie laptop and tablet extended warranties.

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