The Surface Go 3: Microsoft’s Portable, Affordable Tablet

Most people would describe the Surface Go 3 as a tablet computer, though Microsoft advertises the Surface Go 3 as its smallest and lightest 2-in-1 computer. However, putting the Go 2 in the same category as a Surface Pro or Surface Studio seems like a stretch.
Microsoft does offer an optional keyboard and stylus pen, but so do plenty of other devices that companies advertise as tablets. Although the Surface Go 3 might not fit the description of a computer, it still offers many benefits. Anyone who wants a high-performing Windows tablet that can use an optional keyboard or pen should take a look at this latest Surface Go.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Release Date, Details, and Price

Microsoft began delivering the Surface Go 3 on October 5. The new tablet will come with Windows 11 installed. According to TechRadar, October 5 also marked the operating system’s release date.
As for pricing:
  • The base model starts at $399, making it competitively priced with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini 6. This model includes 4GB RAM, 64 GB SSD storage, and an Intel Pentium 6500Y chipset.
  • An upgrade to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage costs $549.
  • The high-end model offers the same RAM and storage as the middle option, but it replaces the processor with an Intel Core i3 and costs $629.
Right now, these tablets connect only through WiFi. Microsoft said they plan to introduce an LTE version later. Although the company hasn’t released a price for the LTE option, we expect that LTE will add $150 to the original price.

Is it Worth Upgrading to a Microsoft Surface Go 3?

CNET said the upgrade in processor stood out as the most dramatic change from the Surface Go 2. In addition, the chipset upgrade should help boost performance for Windows 11.
Other notable specs include:
  • Screen: 10.5-inches with 1,920×1,280 resolution on a PixelSense touchscreen
  • Ports: One USB-C, headphone jack, Surface Connect port, and a microSD slot
  • Front camera: 5MP
  • Rear camera: 8MP with autofocus
The performance boost might motivate some Go 2 users to upgrade to a Go 3. However, some reviewers felt disappointed that they would need to spend $100 more to get Microsoft’s Type Cover to use the device as a small laptop. Apple does not include a keyboard in the box for iPads either.
In particular, some Chromebook 2-1 and Android devices come with keyboards and even stylus pens, which might partly account for their increasing popularity. Here’s a look at some of the best Android tablets.
People who would prefer to work on a Windows laptop and want a productivity boost should probably consider at least the mid-level Surface Go 3.

What’s the Best Surface Go 3 Extended Warranty Plan?

Tablets can provide a great, portable computing option that offers many distinguishing features. For instance, tablets offer larger displays than phones, and many work with keyboards, like laptops.
But, at the same time, high-end tablet computers can end up costing as much as mid-range laptops or smartphones, so they don’t necessarily offer an economical option. That’s particularly true because many consumers need to buy a phone and a laptop too.
So, why do people buy tablets? Mostly, they want a portable device that they can slip inside their bag. In addition, people who buy high-end tablets, like the Microsoft Surface Go 3, have high expectations for combining mobility with features and performance.
The very mobility of these devices can make them prone to damage from accidents, environmental conditions, or wear. Therefore, they need a feature-rich and high-performance protection plan, like an Upsie Surface Go extended warranty. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for tablets bought within the last 60 days. With an Upsie warranty, your tablet is protected against accidents, wear, and defects.
In addition, Upsie includes access to certified repairs and 24-7 claims service to ensure that your device is repaired as quickly as possible. Upsie also offers warranties for smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and more.

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