Tablet Warranties From Upsie Versus Allstate SquareTrade

Tablet computers can provide a good compromise between smartphones and personal computers. For instance, tablets offer larger screens than smartphones and greater portability than PCs. In addition, many tablets have stands and connect to keyboards and other peripherals to work almost like PCs.
Some of these portable devices include SIM cards for making calls with cellular connectivity, and almost all of them can use apps to allow calls, video conferencing, and other types of communication with WiFi.

Why Have Tablet Computers Grown Popular?

Of course, many people don’t choose between a tablet computer, a smartphone, or a PC. Instead, they often own all three and choose the best device to use for the situation.
Apps and wireless connections make it simple to transfer data between various devices, so most users can enjoy a seamless experience when they switch back and forth.

What Are the Most Popular Tablet Computers?

The benefits of tablet computers may explain steady sales. For example, Statistica reported that the global number of tablets shipped increased in the second quarter of 2021.
Apple is the most popular tablet computer brand and comprises 23 percent of the total market. Samsung comes in second place, yet it is the most popular tablet in the Android market. Other popular tablet makers include Amazon, Huawei, Asus, and Acer. Even though Apple is the most popular manufacturer, Android is the most popular operating system.
The best choice for tablet computers might depend on operating systems, budgets, and various features. For instance, people who use other Apple products will probably buy an Apple tablet because they will find it easy to share data and apps across compatible devices. In contrast, consumers who use other Amazon products, like Amazon Echo and Amazon Firestick, may find an Amazon Fire tablet the most valuable.

Compare Popular Tablet Extended Warranties: Upsie Versus Allstate

Upsie and Allstate (SquareTrade) offer comprehensive coverage against accidents, wear, or defects. On the surface, they might look fairly similar, but they certainly differ in price. Here’s a comparison of Upsie versus Allstate tablet warranties.
For Allstate, consider protection for an iPad Pro that costs $699 as an example:
  • Customers can choose between two and three years of protection.
  • Customers can also choose between a $49-deductible or a no-deductible plan.
  • For two years with a $49 deductible, coverage costs $149. For two years with no deductible, coverage costs $209. Three years of protection with a deductible costs $199, and without a deductible, it costs $259.
In contrast, customers can choose Upsie tablet warranties for two or three years, and all plans include a $25 deductible. For the same iPad Pro used in the example above, the two-year warranty would cost $103.99, and the three-year plan would cost $179.99.
SquareTrade’s cheapest plans come with a $49 deductible, and Upsie only charges $25. Even so, Upsie’s protection plans cost less than SquareTrade’s.
The option to choose a no-deductible plan might appear attractive, but it also adds a lot to the cost. It looks like Allstate has added the deductible charge to the yearly price, so customers might not save money unless they had multiple claims for the same product in a year.

How Upsie Tablet Warranties Help Save Money

Customers save money by choosing Upsie. CNET found that Apple charges between $199 to $599 to fix broken iPad screens. That means an Upsie protection plan will easily pay for itself with just one common claim.
In addition, with Upsie, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. Upsie is affordable, easy to use, and intuitive. Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for tablets bought within the last 60 days.

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