Compare the Best New LG OLED TVs: C1, G1, and B1 4K

When it comes to OLED 4K TV sets, LG offers a variety of attractive models, series, and screen sizes. Anybody in the market for a new OLED TV should find out how these OLED TV sets compare to each other and how to protect them after purchasing one.

Why Consider LG OLED 4K TVs?

A recent CNET reviewer called the LG CX the best TV set he had ever reviewed. Perhaps spurred on by such a positive reception, LG plans to start shipping even more features with the C1 soon. LG also announced that their new G1 OLED TV will come with a brighter panel display than the C1. Shoppers who want to watch their budgets can watch for the introduction of the somewhat more modestly priced B1.

How to Compare the LG OLED C1, G1, and B1?

Nobody really calls any of the new 4K LG OLED TVs a cheap purchase. They’re all high-end, quality sets that come packed with features and picture quality that rivals any competitors. At the same time, many people decide to invest in one of these top sets as an investment that will provide them with a variety of entertainment and other benefits for years.

What’s New With the Premium LG G1 Series?

Start with the premium LG G1 series. It’s the only LG to come with the OLED evo panel, a highlight of the company’s TV tech. For people who would rather not mount the TV on the wall or purchase an entertainment center, LG also offers an optional stand that matches almost any decor.

How Does the LG G1 Compare to the C1 and B1 Series?

The Gen 4 version of the Alpha 9 processor will power both the G1 and C1. Expect to see the Gen 3 processor on the C1. Some benefits of Gen 4 include improvements to object enhancement and scene detection features. These features identify critical elements within frames and automatically adjust brightness.
LG catered to gamers with all three of these series of TV sets. For example:
  • Through partnerships with Nvidia and Xbox, they fitted the B1, C1, and G1 with G-sync for better performance.
  • They’re also the first company to introduce Google Stadia to the U.S.
  • Finally, the Game Optimizer panel can deliver a premium experience by allowing users to adjust a variety of settings.

Do LG OLED TVs Need an Extended Warranty?

High-end LG OLED 4K TV sets can cost between several hundred and a few thousand dollars when purchased new. Most people hope to enjoy their purchases for many years. As with most TV manufacturers, the purchase warranty from LG only covers parts and labor for a period of one year. Also, it mostly focuses upon any defects the buyer discovered and filed a claim for during that time.
One year may not give buyers time to discover every issue. That’s because it can take time for most people to even try all the features. Also, some issues may arise because of early wear through normal use. In contrast, a good extended warranty will cover many common problems that can arise in TV sets and extended protection for several years.

Why Choose an Upsie LG 4K OLED TV Warranty?

Consumers usually spend a lot of time picking the best TV for football, streaming, gaming, or even home automation. After investing this energy to choose which TV to buy, many customers feel pressured to make an impulsive decision about an extended warranty at the point of purchase. Upsie aims to relieve that pressure by allowing TV buyers up to 11 months to register their new set.
Of course, some TV owners may want to make a decision earlier than that in order to ensure they protect their new set against such problems as dead pixels, screen burn-in, and power shorts. It’s easy to access claims 24-7 online or by phone, and Upsie will also offer to send certified, in-home repair techs. In the rare event that repairs aren’t feasible on the first claim, Upsie will even replace the TV.
Get started by visiting the Upsie LG TV extended warranty page and selecting the price paid for the new set. It’s easy to enroll in Upsie and ensure prompt repairs at an affordable price when compared to its competitors.

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