The Hisense Dual-Cell LED TV Challenges OLED Image Quality

These days, TV experts generally suggest buying an OLED TV for the best image quality. A new kind of TV tech called dual-cell LED might challenge that traditionally good advice. Right now, only Hisense offers this new TV tech. Anybody in the market for a premium TV might want to compare new Hisense models against OLED TVs before deciding which one to buy.

How Well Does Hisense Dual-Cell LED TV Compare Against Competition?

What is a dual-cell LED? Hisense added a second layer of LED modules behind the first one to produce its dual-cell LED. According to CNET, this improved the most critical aspects of image quality, including contrast and black levels. The set retails for about $3,500, so its price compares to top-rated OLED sets. Naturally, anybody with the budget to buy a flagship TV will want to know how well dual-cell LED compares to a high-quality OLED.
TechRadar got a chance to review the Hisense 65SX with dual-cell LED. They praised the image quality for appearing very close to OLED for its black levels, colors, and overall image quality. They even said the sound quality surpassed most TV sets. The TV comes with an external wireless subwoofer that users can place anywhere in the room. The TV also provides Amazon Alexa functionality, accessible by voice commands through the remote or another Alexa device.
On the negative side, reviewers experienced image scrambling on occasion. Also, the OS lacks some common apps. Examples include Apple TV and Disney Plus. Still, the reviewers rated their overall experience as comparable to other premium TV sets in a similar price range. Perhaps most disappointing, the TV lacks HDMI 2.1, which means users won’t have some functionality for playing games and other apps.

Why High-End TVs Need an Extended Warranty

Hisense proved that consumers will have other options to OLED for excellent picture quality and premium features. If a flagship TV offers OLED, dual-cell LED, and other emerging TV tech, it represents a large investment in the newest and most advanced capabilities. Anybody who spends $1,000, $2,000, or even over $3,000 on a new set wants to make certain that they can enjoy good performance for years.
Just as with other new technology, the very complexity of these devices makes them vulnerable to problems. As a result, it can be difficult to find qualified repair services for them. People tend to keep TVs for several years, and even more, most families use them daily.
An affordable, robust extended warranty can save money with just one repair. Even better, the right warranty company will make it easy for their customers to easily access professional, qualified repair technicians.

Compare Upsie Hisense Protection Plans to Warranty Competitors

Consider just a few highlights of Upsie protection plans for Hisense TV sets:
  • Lots of time to buy a warranty: Upsie gives TV buyers up to 11 months after a purchase to register an extended TV warranty. Consumers should know this because it means that there is no reason to get pressured into an impulsive warranty decision at the time of sale.
  • Easy access to customer service and repair techs: In addition, Upsie customers can call live reps 24-7 to file claims when their TV breaks or malfunctions. The reps will send certified techs right to the home to make repairs. In the rare event that repairs don’t make financial sense, Upsie will even replace the TV with a new one if no previous claims have been made.
  • Competitive prices and $0 deductibles: Upsie’s warranty prices depend upon the plan length and cost of the new TV. However, they cost less than name-brand competitors and don’t impose deductibles or service fees. Customers can choose between two-, three-, and five-year warranties for long-lasting protection.
Nobody needs to struggle with typical warranty fine print with an Upsie warranty, either. Simply visit the Upsie Hisense warranty page and answer a few questions to view prices and plans. Besides Hisense, Upsie also offers warranties for Samsung, TCL, and many other TV brands.
Before spending thousands on a premium TV, consumers should take the time to carefully compare features and specs. After that, they can make the sensible, easy choice to register an Upsie warranty online at their convenience..

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