Best Extended Warranty for Your TV Soundbar

TV soundbars are now a staple in many homes, vastly improving the audio from televisions across the board. However, as TVs have become slimmer, squeezing in high-quality speakers has been more and more of a challenge. As a result, separate soundbars have become a must-have for many families and individuals seeking the best from their sets.
While affordable options start at under $100, it’s possible to spend much, much more. Those seeking the best can now spend upwards of $2,000 on a top-quality soundbar. The Sennheiser Ambeo is a perfect case in point. It is feature-packed and massively impressive. However, buyers will need to pay nearly $2,500 to get their hands on one.
And the Ambeo from Sennheiser isn’t an exception, as various manufacturers all now produce soundbars in this price range. Accordingly, an extended warranty is vital. But how do you choose the best?

In-Home Repairs

As TVs have grown bigger, so have soundbars. Take the Bower & Wilkins Panorama 3, for example. The Panorama 3 from Bower & Wilkins measures just shy of 48 inches across and nearly six inches deep. It also weighs almost 15lbs. All told, it’s a bulky device.
If a repair is necessary, making provisions for returning it to the manufacturer or a retailer could quickly turn into a nightmare. Even dropping it off at a local repair shop could represent a headache, especially where individuals don’t have their own transportation. It’s for precisely this reason that it’s a good idea to choose an extended TV soundbar warranty that includes in-home repairs.

Long-Term Coverage

Warranty companies offer some extended warranties, such as those for smartphones and other devices, for just two years. Of course, many people upgrade their smartphones and other pieces of tech regularly. Thus, buyers don’t need longer extended warranties. However, TV and home theater equipment is something that most people invest in with the intent to keep it for the foreseeable future.
Consequently, it’s important to look for a soundbar warranty that lasts for several years. Where possible, aim for around five years. Some extended warranty providers may also grant fully transferable policies. Therefore, even if a soundbar is sold or gifted after just a year or two, its extended warranty can go with it. When offering a second-hand soundbar for sale, the balance of an extended warranty can be a huge selling point, too.

Unlimited Claims

Unlimited claims are a rarity when it comes to extended warranties. Policies for TV soundbars are no exception. While truly unlimited claims aren’t generally feasible for any extended warranty provider, almost-unlimited claims may be. With that, look for a policy that doesn’t cap qualifying claims at one or two per year. Ideally, the best warranty will permit unlimited claims up to a soundbar’s purchase price.
If a customer has a soundbar with a purchase price of $2,000, and a repair is approved under its extended warranty with a total bill of $200, they’d still have $1,800 in otherwise unlimited claims remaining. It’s a provision rarely offered by many warranty providers, but something that’s definitely available by shopping around.

Get All of This and More With Upsie’s TV Soundbar Warranty

With Upsie, customers gain access to in-home repairs and long-term, five-year coverage. Plus, Upsie offers unlimited claims up to a soundbar’s purchase price and warranty policies that are fully transferable. In addition, Upsie’s extended TV soundbar warranty grants various other perks, including no deductible and access to policies for both new and used equipment.
Better still, Upsie’s policies are routinely up to 70 percent more affordable than those sold by manufacturers and retailers. That includes big-box stores such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. The same also applies to online retailers like Amazon. Upsie achieves its low prices by working directly with the customer rather than an intermediary.

Skip the Stress and Cost With Upsie TV Soundbar Warranty

Skip the stress and cost of buying a warranty with a new soundbar at the point of sale, whether that’s directly from the manufacturer, in-store, or online. Instead, Upsie customers can lock in an affordable extended TV and home theater warranty for devices bought in the last 11 months. Activating a policy is as easy as uploading a picture or copy of a soundbar’s receipt to the Upsie website or app.
Find out more at or download the Upsie smartphone app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store to get started.

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