Compare the Best Gaming TVs for Gaming Consoles

On paper, monitors appear to offer many benefits over TVs for gaming console displays. High-quality monitors typically offer fast refresh rates, low lagtimes, and more game-centric features. Casual gamers might not care about the differences, but competitive gamers generally prefer dedicated monitors.

Why Use Gaming TVs for Console Games?

The perception of using TVs for gaming may change soon. As TechRadar noted, some newer gaming TVs have introduced faster refresh rates and lower latency. They may not match the performance of the best monitors, but they go pretty far to bridge the gap.
At the same time, new gaming TVs offer higher resolution and larger screens. Also, they work as smart TVs, so buying one device for both television and gaming may offer a budget- and space-saving decision. Also, some gaming consoles have begun to include more TV-compatible features, like adaptive response systems that communicate with the monitor to optimize the play.

Compare Top Gaming TVs for Console Gaming

Those in the market for a new gaming TV could consider these top options.

LG G1 Series: Top Overall Choice

CNET called the LG G1 series their best overall choice for a gaming TV. In particular, they suggested this brand as a complement to the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PS5 consoles. Some highlights include superior image quality and low input lag. Expect to pay about $2,500 for a 65-inch screen. LG G1 TVs also come in 55- and 77-inch models.

LG OLED C1 Series: Best OLED Option

LG checks in again with their OLED LG C1 Series of gaming TVs. It’s also fairly modestly priced for an OLED TV with a $3,300 price tag for a 77-inch model. Screen sizes range from 48 to 83 inches. If picture quality matters a lot, consider this TV.

TCL 55″ Class 6 Series: A Budget-Friendly Choice

For just under $1,000, the 55-inch TCL Class 6 offers a suitable option for console gamers. Highlights include a 120Hz refresh rate, VRR adaptive sync, and 4K screen resolution.

TCL Class 5 Series: Super-Cheap Gaming TV

Priced at $400 for a 50-inch screen, the TCL Class SEries 6 is a great affordable option. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, it can’t compete for speed with the best monitors or even the best gaming TVs. At the same time, it offers 4K image quality and a decent gaming experience for casuals.

How Large of a Gaming TV Should Console Gamers Buy?

Screen size offers one of the biggest motivations for choosing a gaming TV over a gaming monitor. But, at the same time, it’s possible to choose a screen that’s too big for its space. Compare that to the reasons many people like to avoid the first few rows in movie theatres.
Look at this previous Upsie article for help with choosing the right size of TV for a room. In general, better screen resolution can make up for some errors in choosing the right screen size. On the other hand, better screen resolution generally costs more. As an example, OLED may offer the best image quality but can cost a lot more than 4K, which also performs well.

The Best Extended Warranties for Gaming TVs

The more gamers spend on their TVs, the greater expectations they will have for reliable performance. But, unfortunately, even the most durable, high-quality sets are susceptible to damage.
An Upsie gaming TV extended warranty will provide access to prompt, high-quality repairs in case of damage. For example, Upsie covers:
  • Screen burn-in
  • Mechanical issues
  • Connectivity failure
  • Power problems
Upsie offers superior service and affordable prices when compared to warranty competitors. So, for the best protection for your gaming TV, choose Upsie.

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