The Best Sony TV Extended Warranty Protection Plan

Which Wide-Screen Sony TV Gets Good Reviews?

According to CNET, anybody who wants to buy a wide-screen TV with next-gen connectivity should consider a Sony X900H. For a 75-inch screen, this Sony line provides similar image quality to the TCL 6-Series and is only a little more expensive. Mostly, TCL has gained a reputation of manufacturing budget-friendly TVs with a decent balance of quality and price, so it’s a good brand for price comparisons.
Along with other benefits, Sony’s HDMI input also helps maximize the performance of popular game systems. Plus, it’s currently the least-expensive TV that’s compatible with ATSC 3.0 antennas.
Of course, Sony has a good reputation as a popular TV brand. Anybody who wants to buy a new set should probably include various Sony models in their comparison. Besides comparing TVs, it’s also prudent to spend time finding the best Sony TV extended warranty.

How Well Do Sony Extended Warranties Protect TVs?

New Sony TVs do come with a short-term, limited warranty. The company also offers some Protection Plus plans that extend this initial warranty. Only the most expensive Sony plan protects against drops or spills, though the cheaper one will protect TVs against damage from power surges.
It’s always a good idea to click through to view all of the fine print included in warranty details. For instance, Sony published these details about their extended warranties:
  • Getting service requires calling during business hours and agreeing to use the company’s authorized representatives.
  • If there’s no nearby service center, they may ask customers to ship the TV.
  • Also, the list of exclusions takes up the alphabet to the letter Q. These include shipping damages and even potential problems caused by cleaning the TV. People who buy a Sony plan might have to exercise extra care when they dust.

Buying the Best Sony TV Extended Warranty Protection Plan

Nothing keeps Sony TV buyers from getting extended warranty protection elsewhere. For a reliable alternative, consider buying the TV from a trusted source and then comparing the benefits of getting an extended warranty from Upsie. There’s no need to rush because even people who have already enjoyed their Sony TV for up to 11 months can still buy and register an extended warranty with Upsie.
Even better, customers can do everything online and over the phone, so it’s very convenient. Just be sure to take a picture of the sales receipt to upload to Upsie. They’ll save it in your Upsie account so you do not have to hold onto it.
Mostly, people who spend hundreds of dollars on a high-tech TV generally expect to keep it working well for years. Upsie offers its TV protection for up to five years, which exceeds most manufacturer extended warranties. After all, the initial, limited warranty will cover defects.

How Does Upsie Provide the Best Sony TV Warranties?

Actually, one of this warranty company’s best features consists of how easy they make it to view warranty details and prices. Just visit the Sony TV extended warranty page to view such benefits as:
  • Affordable two-, three-, and five-year warranty options that don’t have deductibles for repairs
  • Coverage for manufacturing damage, defects, and even worn parts
  • 24-7 live service from Upsie reps
What can go wrong with a new TV over time? The list of common issues includes dead pixels, screen burn-in, and defective buttons or other mechanical parts. Some people have problems because of TV power, malfunctioning speakers, and dead WiFi connections.
Upsie members can relax because Upsie covers all of these problems, including accidental damage. They even offer their customers the choice of local or in-home repairs. Once in a while, Upsie will find that repairs aren’t feasible, and in that case, Upsie will even offer to replace the set with a new one. For less than the cost of a sandwich each month, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that Upsie will ensure that owning a new Sony TV offers a good experience for years in the future.

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