What Are the Best TV Soundbars on the Market?

A TV soundbar is an all-in-one speaker that conserves space while offering an impressive, immersive movie experience. The soundbar sits in front of the TV and comes in a range of sizes and styles. This article includes the top three best soundbar options on the market.

What Are the Benefits of TV Soundbars Over Other Speakers?

Most TVs require some type of external speaker. CNET suggested choosing a soundbar for several reasons. For example:
  • A decent soundbar will often cost less than different kinds of home theater speakers.
  • Manufacturers make soundbars extremely easy to set up and install.
  • Good soundbars can deliver cinema-level sound without taking up a lot of room.
Some soundbars include compatibility with smart home systems and can connect wirelessly. That means they can stream content from other sources besides the TV and even serve as a place to use voice controls to access other connected devices. Wireless connections also eliminate the need to run more cables through a home.

Best TV Soundbars on the Market in 2021

Of course, TV owners will have their individual preferences and budgets in mind. Here are some of the best values on the soundbar market in 2021 to find the best one.

Yamaha YAS-209: Top Overall Value

Tom’s Guide praised the Yamaha YAS-209 as their top choice for a soundbar and subwoofer combination. It comes with Alexa, an HDMI port, Bluetooth connectivity, Spotify Connect, and it offers a resonant sound for dialog and music. The stylish design will also look great with almost any decor. This soundbar usually retails for just under $300 and offers excellent overall value.

Sonos Arc: Top Premium Choice

People that don’t mind splurging may choose the Sonos Arc for its clear sound, built-in Amazon Alexis and Google Assistant, and ability to tune itself based on the unique acoustics in its location. The main downsides of the Sonos Arc include a relatively high price tag for a soundbar at up to $800.

Creative Stage Dolby Atmos: Top Choice Under $100

After spending several hundred dollars on a TV, some people may not care to pay a few hundred more for a soundbar. For less than $100, Creative Stage delivers Dolby Atmos sound, an HDMI port, a separate subwoofer, and an excellent base.

Who Sells Extended Warranties for TV Soundbars?

With multiple types of connectivity, advanced processing power, and many other features, soundbars offer a lot of value. However, they are vulnerable to various issues, like sound failure, power shorts, or loss of connectivity. Upsie offers the best affordable warranty option.
In addition to affordable warranties for TVs, Upsie also offers extended warranties for soundbars, speakers, and other home theater components. These high-quality protection plans pay to repair various damage, including those from premature wear, defects, power failure, and connectivity issues.
Upsie also charges up to 70 percent less than competitors found in retail stores and eCommerce sites by selling directly to customers online. Even so, Upsie doesn’t charge a deductible and keeps claims representatives by the phone 24-7 to help customers with claims.
A soundbar offers a reliable and straightforward solution to mediocre TV sound quality, and an Upsie warranty will ensure the soundbar performs well for years.

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