The Best Types of TV Mounts for Flat Screen TVs

Buying the best TV generally takes some research. These days, high-quality TVs cost several hundred dollars, and families expect to enjoy them for years. TV choices include various screen sizes, resolutions, display types, intelligent features, brands, and models. For tips to find the best set for a particular room, check out this guide to choosing the right TV screen size.
Wall mounts for TVs conserve space and may offer the best viewing angle. However, the different kinds of TV wall mounts may surprise and confuse shoppers. To save time, read this summary of the most popular types of TV wall mounts.

Top Choices for TV Wall Mounts

According to Bob Vila, standard TV wall mounts fall into three basic styles: full-motion, tilted and fixed.
For a brief description of each type:
  • Fixed: The cheapest, simplest kind of TV mount holds the screen straight against the wall. They look nice but don’t allow for any adjustment in viewing angles.
  • Tilted: Tilted mounts allow for adjustments up and down. They generally move between five and fifteen degrees. The TV cannot move from side to side. Viewers can enjoy a great view seated, stretched out, or even crouching on the floor.
  • Full-motion: Full-motion wall mounts cost the most and take up the most space. They can move the screen in a variety of directions for flexible viewing arrangements or to reduce glare.

What to Look for in TV Wall Mounts

Start with the TV set’s size and weight:
  • High-quality TV mounts should have a UL certificate to prove they’ve undergone testing and can perform as advertised.
  • Most wall mount manufacturers and retail sites will list the UL rating. The screen size and weight of the set matter a lot, so it’s important to find this verification of the printed guidelines on the mount’s label.
  • The TV manufacturer’s website should post the size and weight of each set they make.
Never buy a wall mount meant for a smaller and lighter TV because it could start to sag under the set’s weight. Even worse, it might break and let the TV fall to the floor.
Never buy a wall mount meant for a smaller and lighter TV because it could start to sag under the set’s weight. Even worse, it might break and let the TV fall to the floor.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 500 children died between 2000 and 2019 because of falling TVs, and thousands more suffered injuries. Ensuring that your TV set is secured and stable is essential to the safety of individuals and children.
Most manufacturers make mounts out of steel alloy or iron. Iron generally costs less and should prove durable enough for its task. Steel may cost more, but it offers a better relative strength for its size and weight. So for large and heavy sets, choose steel.

The Best TV Extended Warranty

Today’s TV sets generally require a sizable investment. To protect the TV and the safety of people in the home, always buy high-quality wall mounts. Although it’s possible to mount your TV set on your own, consider paying a little more for a professional installation. A poor installation job risks damage to the wall and TV, and it might even risk injuries to people.
For that extra level of protection, consider an extended TV warranty from Upsie. Upsie sells extended warranties directly to customers online that cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers. In addition, with Upsie, customers can expect a range of benefits, including:
  • This top warranty company offers two-year, three-year, and five-year protection plans for lower prices than name-brand competitors.
  • Customers can purchase a TV warranty up to 11 months after buying their new TV.
  • Upsie doesn’t charge a deductible for TV repairs, and the company will send certified technicians to homes or pay for certified local repairs at service centers.
  • Robust coverage includes protection from mechanical, screen, component, power, and connection failures.
  • Customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV.
Prevent repair hassles and unexpected repair bills by quickly purchasing an Upsie warranty online.

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