Do You Need a Blu Ray Player For Your Home Theater?

If you spend time and money to build a home theater, you should enjoy your movies in the best way possible. Purchasing a high-quality TV is important for a premium movie-watching experience, but it can’t totally transform low-quality resolution. If you want a truly cinematic watching experience, you also need to consider how you’re watching your content.
Streaming platforms may be convenient, but they don’t always have the best video quality. A Blu Ray player is a good investment for the best movie quality.

Blu Ray versus Streaming

Blu Ray discs came out in the mid-2000s and completely revolutionized the movie industry. They had 1080-pixel streaming capabilities, which was a huge leap from DVD players’ 720-pixel content. Now, streaming platforms are the most popular way to watch content. You can access hundreds of shows and movies for a monthly fee. And the more streaming sites you subscribe to, the more content is at your fingertips.
Streaming may seem like the easiest way to watch movies and TV shows in your home theater, but it’s not the best. Streaming’s quality depends on your internet speed and the platform’s bitrate. If your internet experiences slow speeds for whatever reason, the quality of your video will decrease. Additionally, streaming content has a lower bitrate or information communicated per second. For example, Netflix’s bit rate is only 17 Mbps.
On the other hand, Blu Ray players do not rely on your internet connection at all! So if your service provider is experiencing slowdowns or outages, you’ll still be able to enjoy your Blu Ray disc collection. In addition, Blu Ray’s bitrate is much faster. This means you’ll enjoy smoother content with a crisper image and more detail. If you’re a cinephile and want to watch your favorite movies with the best possible picture, you may want to invest in a Blu Ray player.

Ultra HD Blu Ray Player

When the first Blu Ray hit the market, casual and passionate movie lovers were astounded by the 1080-pixel video. The laser technology produced a crisp image with vivid colors, revolutionizing home movie watching. In 2016, Blu Ray took their technology further with the Ultra HD Blu Ray player. This movie player is a long step from the original DVD player, with its 4K video. For reference, most movie theater screens have a resolution of 2K, with the occasional 4K screen.

Is a Blu Ray Player Worth It?

There’s no question that Blu Ray players are more expensive than streaming platforms. As a result, it’s probably not worth it to purchase a standard Blu Ray player anymore. So if you do decide to buy a Blu Ray player, you’ll want to invest in the Ultra-HD player, which can cost upwards of $200. Plus, you’ll have to purchase each movie to add to your library.
However, if you want to enjoy movies the way they were intended to be seen with more details, brighter colors, more contrast, and an overall better image, then a Blu Ray player will be a great addition to your home theater. And with a physical movie collection, you’ll never have to worry about losing access to your favorite film because a streaming platform got rid of it.

Protect Your Home Theater with Upsie

Building a home theater is an investment. High-quality audio and video equipment is expensive, so you’ll want to ensure it lasts a long time. The best way to protect your home theater equipment is to purchase an extended warranty. Upsie has plans to protect your Blu Ray player, TV, speakers and more.
Customers can purchase a 2- or 3-year Blu Ray player warranty with no deductible that will cover any mechanical or power failure caused by normal use. In addition, TVs can be enrolled in either a 2-, 3-, or 5-year plan, with no deductible. An Upsie TV warranty will also protect your display against screen burn-in, in addition to mechanical defects.
A Blu Ray player is a great addition to any home theater, but it is an investment that should be protected. Choose an Upsie Blu Ray player warranty to save money, extend your player’s lifespan, and watch all your favorite movies with complete peace of mind.

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