Best TV Mount for an Immersive Home Theater Setup

The right TV mount is often crucial in creating the most immersive home theater setup. But which is the best and why? Choosing a solution may seem straightforward. But with today’s TVs now bigger and more complicated than ever, that’s no longer the case.
Thankfully, there are plenty of choices out there. Unfortunately, many of today’s best TV mounts are a costly proposition, routinely priced at several hundred dollars. However, they’re a necessity in an ever-growing number of cases where wall-mounting and immersive experiences are must-haves. On that basis, three stand out, starting with the Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount.

Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount ($399.99)

It’s hard to beat the Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount. Although costly at almost $400, it offers a fantastic range of movement. The Full Motion TV Wall Mount from Sanus tilts, pivots, and swivels to grant complete flexibility. With that, achieving an immersive viewing angle is a breeze.
The Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount also boasts the option of extending further out than most other options. The $400 mount pulls out to a distance of up to 28 inches – well beyond much of the competition. Accordingly, it offers an excellent degree of side-to-side pivoting not attainable with many cheaper options.
To make this possible, the Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount is incredibly sturdy. The same sturdy construction also means that the Sanus mount will support screens measuring up to 90 inches across. Furthermore, and despite all of this, when pushed back against a wall, it has a profile of barely two inches.
Granting tremendous scope for any number of highly immersive experiences, from watching movies to gaming, the Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount is a genuinely premium-feeling product. Befitting even today’s most high-end TVs, adjusting the mount is a smooth and pleasantly straightforward process as well.

Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount ($139.99)

While the Sanus Full Motion TV Wall Mount arguably sets the bar for an immersive home theater setup, more affordable options are available. One of the best is the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount.
Costing under $150, the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount does everything buyers might expect, but on a budget. It also offers many of the same benefits as the costlier Sanus model, but in a restricted capacity.
The Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount will tilt, pivot, and swivel in all directions. It extends up to 22 inches from the wall. While that’s some way behind the Sanus alternative’s 28-inch extension, it’s well ahead of what’s possible with many other cheaper mounts.
Although the Full Motion TV Wall Mount from Echogear offers great value, it’s not as smooth in its operation as costlier alternatives. That said, it’s surprisingly sturdy in its construction and supports TVs of up to 90 inches.

MantelMount Pro Pull Down TV Mount ($999)

The above two products from Sanus and Echogear will undoubtedly suit the overwhelming majority of buyers looking for a mount for an immersive home theater setup. But, be that as it may, both overlook one thing – the ability to pull down a TV from higher up on a wall.
It’s a feature that’s especially valuable when a set is above a mantel, for example. MantelMount sets out to address this issue with various options. Prices start at around $300.
Yet, for those looking for the most feature-packed option that puts immersion front and center, the range-topping MantelMount Pro Pull Down TV Mount will be of the most interest.
MantelMount calls its Pro model the TV mount for home theater connoisseurs who only want the finest in everything. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pull-down mount’s cost is just shy of $1,000. However, for that, buyers get the option of recessed installation and industry-leading off-the-wall and vertical travel distances alike.
Using four automotive gas pistons, the product’s vertical travel abilities are, without a doubt, the MantelMount Pro Pull Down TV Mount’s most significant selling point. As a result, a TV can be mounted high up on a wall, above a mantel or any other feature, before being pulled down over 30 inches for an immersive, perfectly eye-level viewing experience.
Elsewhere, the MantelMount Pro Pull Down TV Mount will also support televisions measuring up to 100 inches across and includes a built-in soundbar attachment to further promote immersion. It’s therefore ideal for the likes of TCL’s mammoth 98-inch QLED TV and the brand-new Bower & Wilkins Panorama 3 all-in-one Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbar.

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