Setting Up Your New LG TV: What You Need to Know

Have you purchased a new LG smart TV, or are you thinking about doing so? As TVs increase in complexity, the setup process can get more complicated, too. If you have questions about setting up your new LG TV, here’s what you need to know.

Does my new LG Smart TV have a camera? Is it recording me?

This is one of those strange internet rumors, so we want to get it out of the way first. No, your LG smart TV doesn’t have a camera – at least, probably not. LG did make a few models with a retractable camera for video calls, such as the discontinued 55LA8600.
For those few models with a camera, the module is located in the top center, sort of behind the display. You can pop the camera up when needed and retract it when you don’t need it.
If your LG smart TV has a camera, it’s retractable and cannot record you unless you extend it. Even then, it shouldn’t do so unless you’re actively using it. If you have privacy concerns, simply leave the camera stowed.

How do I connect my LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi?

Connecting to Wi-Fi is pretty simple. First, make sure you know your wireless network name and key (password). If you aren’t sure what this is and haven’t ever changed the settings, you can usually find it on a sticker on your broadband modem or wireless router.
To connect to Wi-Fi, find the Settings app in the launcher. Select it, then click Network, then Network Connection. From there, select your wireless network and enter your password. You should be in business!

How do I cast to my LG TV?

New LG TVs support screen sharing or screen mirroring, and 2019 and newer models even support Apple AirPlay 2.
Android devices can cast over Wi-Fi using the LG Screen Share App, Miracast, or Screen Cast. Search your phone for these terms, or download the LG app to cast. Procedures vary by model, but most Android devices can successfully cast to most LG TVs.
Want to share from your PC? Download LG Smart Share for PC and cast over Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to play content from your laptop or desktop on your LG TV.
The options are varied, and each one is different. If you’re still struggling to cast properly, check out LG’s guide.

How do I connect a soundbar to my LG TV using an optical cable?

Most LG TVs offer optical audio out, which is the simplest high-quality method of transmitting audio signals. Soundbars often have an optical input, so this method can be pretty simple when it works.
First, verify that your TV has an optical out port. The cable itself has a squarish housing with a small round metal tip, so look for a receptacle like that on your TV (and on your soundbar).
If both devices have the right port, chances are a direct connection is all you need. Plug the optical cable into your TV, then into your soundbar.
You might need to go into your TV’s settings and make sure it’s outputting sound through the optical port. Most of the time, you can only select one output at a time, and your TV might not switch automatically. Check that your soundbar is toggled to optical, too.

How can I get an extended warranty for my new LG TV?

When you purchase a new LG TV, the retailer will usually try to sell you an overpriced extended warranty. You could get an extended warranty this way, and you’d be well protected should something go wrong. You’d just be paying too much.
The best way to get an affordable extended TV warranty for your new LG is through Upsie. Upsie works with the same insurance carriers as the big box stores, offering you top-quality protection for less than you’d expect.
With Upsie, you’re protected against all sorts of defects, including burn-in, dead pixels, and component failure. Here’s the full list of covered issues:
  • Screen burn-in
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • Screen failure (including dead pixels)
  • Speaker/sound failure
  • Button failure
  • Wi-Fi failure
Upsie offers a range of repair services, including local repair, in-home repair, and even replacement up to your purchase price. Get covered for 2, 3 or even 5 years, and purchase your coverage up to 11 months after your new TV purchase. Also, there’s no deductible on Upsie’s TV extended warranties.
Put your mind at ease regarding your new TV purchase. Pick up an extended TV warranty from Upsie today.

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