LG Versus TCL TVs Compared

Are you purchasing a new TV? Two of the most popular TV brands are LG and TCL. LG is famous for innovative TVs, while TCL is best known for low-cost options. So, which brand offers the best TV for your home?

How Much Do LG TVs Cost?

LG offers a wide range of TVs, including OLED, QNED MiniLED, NanoCell, and 4K Ultra HD TVs. They range from incredibly affordable to extremely expensive. For example, the most affordable TV listed on the website (not including sale or clearance items) is the $329 55-inch UQ7590 LED 4K UHD Smart TV.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, LG sells a $100,000 OLED 65-inch Rollable TV that will roll up and down out of a compact stand. However, a $100,000 TV is unrealistic for most consumers. They also sell NanoCell and OLED TVs for $4,999.
On average, LG’s TVs cost around $1,000 to $2,500, and the company offers 249 total options.

How Much Do TCL TVs Cost?

TCL has 112 TVs listed on its website. The selection includes QLED, Mini-LED, 4K UHD, and more. As for cost, TCL TVs mostly fall within a much more affordable range. For example, most of TCL’s TVs cost under $1,000, with the most affordable being just $124 for a 32-inch TV.
TCL’s most expensive option is the 98-inch QLED TV for $8,499. It is a smart TV with access to thousands of streaming apps and has voice control options with Alexa. It’s a great TV; however, it’s too expensive for most consumers. The next more expensive TV from TCL is the $2999.99 75-inch 6-Series TV.

Which Is Better: LG or TCL TVs?

There isn’t much of a contest between quality when it comes to LG and TCL. LG TVs often have better picture quality, higher contrast, reduced grain, and better image sharpness. Overall, you’ll get a better TV when you choose LG.
However, LG’s options are much more expensive. TCL’s budget options are especially great for families and individuals working with a smaller budget. So, if you’re looking for a TV to put in a guest room or you have a small budget, TCL is the better choice. On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying a premium price tag, you can get a stunning TV from LG.

What Are the Most Common TV Defects?

Both LG and TCL TVs are prone to defects. Because of potential bugs in the software or manufacturing defects in the screen, both LG and TCL have a one-year manufacturing warranty that comes with all of their new TVs. These manufacturer warranties cover some of the most common TV issues. These issues include:
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Early wear
  • Mechanical defects
Essentially, the warranty covers any damage that results from mistakes made in the manufacturing process. It’s also important to note that the warranty rarely covers screen burn-in or dead pixels, which are two problems that often plague OLED TVs.
For the most part, your TV is protected against defects for the first year. However, once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’ll have to pay for all of your TV repairs (or replacements) out of pocket.

Do You Need a TV Extended Warranty?

To protect your TV, you should always purchase a TV extended warranty. TV extended warranties not only extend the protection that you received from the manufacturer’s warranty, but it also adds protection. For example, Upsie’s TV warranties include coverage for screen burn-in, dead pixels, power failure, and more.
Upsie’s extended TV warranties also cost up to 70% less than warranties from stores. For example, a 5-year Upsie warranty for a $1,499 LG TV costs just $199.99. For the same protection, a 5-year standard warranty from Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection would cost $339.99. With Upsie, you save over $100 on your extended TV warranty.
This means that you can turn down warranty coverage that stores try to sell to you in the checkout line. Instead, you can purchase an Upsie warranty for TVs bought in the last 11 months.

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