SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker Review

With tech companies releasing new gadgets and electronics every year, customers need to know which are worth their investment. Luckily, with a new collab SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker from Sonos and IKEA, customers can rely on the quality. However, simply because the device is well-made doesn’t mean it’s suited to your home.
With the SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker, you have two quality companies — Sonos and IKEA — with histories of high-quality products. What’s more, the respected and trusted brands have joined forces before with great success, offering “a range of Wi-Fi speakers designed to democratize the home sound system,” per Sonos.
The companies know their respective industries, so their collaboration makes sense. But is there value in such integration?
Do you want to downsize and streamline your home’s clutter while not giving up high-quality speakers? That’s what IKEA and Sonos offer with their SYMFONISK products, including the SYMFONISK Table Lamp Speaker, Bookshelf Speaker, and now the Picture Frame Speaker.
Let’s look at the latest release, the SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker, to see what it can do for your home decor and sound quality.

Why Did IKEA and Sonos Join Forces?

According to a 2017 MarketWatch article, “More Americans want to downsize their homes than supersize their homes.” People want to simplify their lives and live with less clutter and expense. IKEA and Sonos offer homeowners and apartment renters to start with the basics, combining house furnishings with sound systems.
Let’s face it, older and even modern standalone speakers are often unsightly. Even if you can stow your cumbersome speakers behind a sofa or in the corner of the room, they still take up valuable space in your home, especially if your house or apartment is small or you like things tidy.
Always focused on subtle but revolutionary innovation, it’s no surprise that IKEA has monitored the trends of people everywhere who want to simplify their lives. As a result, simplified tech designs help to beautify homes.
The American Sonos brand launched in 2000 and offers multiple speaker solutions. Sonos has also partnered with various music services, including Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and Spotify, and voice assistant services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s clear that the company is moving beyond traditional speaker systems, so the collaboration with IKEA might have been unexpected, but it isn’t surprising either.

What About the New SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker?

IKEA and Sonos teams continue to work together to make speakers blend into the background, creating a camouflage effect amid furniture. People often feel surrounded by the deluge of technology, and the new Picture Frame Speaker offers people a way to enjoy technology without being constantly reminded it’s there.
With the new SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker, you can hang it on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation and forget it’s there or enjoy the gentle images. You can also lean it against the wall on a desktop if that works better in your space.
You can choose from a black and white design or the line and dot pattern printed on the front. It isn’t fine art, but it’s benign and pleasant enough.
Perhaps most importantly, it blends in with the rest of the room while offering you high-quality sound. In addition, it doesn’t require any furniture support since you can hang it on the wall.

How Does the Speaker Work?

The speaker features a wrapped white protective fabric to protect your decor, hanging inconspicuously on the wall. It also comes with silicon feet and a fabric strap to help stabilize it when you decide to lean it against the wall instead of hanging it.
IKEA ensures that each speaker comes with the necessary supplies for wall-mounting, including a metal bracket to screw into the wall. You can then slide the speaker onto them, and it looks like a piece of art. However, remember to secure the bracket since the speaker is a little heavy and needs the supplied support.

How Is the Sound Quality?

As usual, Sonos comes through with high-caliber sound. You won’t be disappointed when you turn on your favorite music. However, some customers have complaints about the speaker’s lack of base.

The Photo Finish Wrap-Up

If you are looking for a way to economize your space, the SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker is a great start. You’ll love the space-saving aspects and room-filling sound, but there are some minor drawbacks.
It’s more of a piece of subtle art to hang instead of a traditional speaker. In addition, you might not love the fact that, with all the effort to camouflage your speakers, you can still see the cord coming out of your Picture Frame Speaker.

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