Is the Sony QD-OLED TV Considered the Best TV of 2022?

In the highly competitive TV market, manufacturers always need a way to differentiate their products from other brands. Thus, some people initially dismissed terms like QD-OLED as no more than marketing buzz.
Once top brands like Sony and Samsung released new QD-OLED TVs, even the most skeptical critics realized this technology makes a significant difference in TV image quality. Multiple TV reviewers have even called the new Sony set the best TV yet. Find out more about QD-OLED TV and how well Sony incorporated this technology into its new TVs.

What is QD-OLED?

Digital Trends explained that two technologies led the market for a few years. These two TV-tech leaders include Quantum Dot LED, usually called QLED, and Organic LED, typically referred to as OLED.
QD-OLED represents a hybrid of these two technologies. The upgrade promises to maximize some benefits of both displays and minimize potential drawbacks. Besides the Sony QD-LED TV, Samsung also offers this hybrid technology on a recently released TV. Dell also uses QD-LED in new Alienware monitors.

How Well Does Sony’s QD-OLED TV Perform?

Reviewers from Tom’s Guide had a chance to demo one of these new Sony TVs. The Tom’s Guide reviewers praised the new TV as one of the best sets they had ever used. As promised, QD-LED combined everything viewers liked about QLED and OLED and reduced some of the older tech’s shortcomings. For example, the screen produced vibrant colors and true black while maintaining a bright image.
The A95K also comes bundled with an array of new TV features. These include a remote finder feature, a webcam, and various in-demand gaming features. The smart TV will run on the Google TV OS, and it also comes with a microphone. Overall, this TV does more than simply broadcast shows and movies. It can function as a smart assistant, gaming monitor, and much more.

How Much Will the Sony QD-OLED TV Set Cost?

According to Cnet, Sony hasn’t officially announced many specific details about the Sony A95K, the company’s new QD-OLED TV. The new Sony TV will probably require a considerable investment, but it also promises to offer a premium experience. Speculators have estimated retail prices of about $3,000 for a 55-inch screen and $4,000 for a 65-inch screen. In comparison, Samsung’s QD-OLED set, the S95B, will cost $2,200 for 55 inches and $3,000 for 65 inches.

The Best Warranty for Sony QD-OLED TVs

With its new display technology and a full suite of premium features, the QD-OLED promises to deliver one of the best TVs in 2022. However, it will probably be expensive, even compared to other high-quality TVs. Thus, buyers should pair the purchase with a high-quality extended warranty. This kind of protection can prevent unexpected repair bills and hassles.
Upsie’s Sony TV extended warranties offer premium protection that pairs perfectly with a new Sony QD-LED TV. Broad coverage includes protection for the screen, mechanical parts, and electronic and electrical components. Upsie customers can call claims representatives 24-7 to submit claims and arrange $0-deductible, in-home repairs from certified technicians.
Upsie offers premium service and robust coverage without the premium price. Upsie’s innovative business model means that Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than retail-store competitors. As a result, customers get the best protection for the best price.
The latest TVs deliver many features and perform well, so families tend to spend a lot of time using them. It only makes sense to take out an extended warranty to ensure the TV will perform well for years. As a bonus, having this type of protection available makes it easier to decide to invest in an advanced TV. It relieves concerns over unexpected repair bills. In addition to TVs, Upsie also offers protection for home theater components, computers, smartphones, and more.

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