Sony HT-S400 Soundbar: Is This the Right Soundbar for You?

Investing in a soundbar is the perfect accompaniment to your new television and home entertainment center setup. Sony has been instrumental in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality soundbars for years. The electronics giant continues to enhance the home sound system experience for home entertainment lovers who treasure the sonic experience.
The latest Sony offering, the Sony HT-S400 Soundbar, is on the market, so you might wonder if it is the soundbar for you. Let’s look more closely at Sony’s approach in general and how the HT-S400 reflects that.

What Is a Soundbar?

The soundbar device contains multiple high-quality and high-volume speakers that you can use with everything from your TV to your computer or mp3 player. It is an external speaker system to amplify another sound-issuing device, first developed in the late 1990s.
The sleek design is part of what makes the soundbar so popular. It projects audio from an enclosure that is far wider than it is tall, which is partially for acoustic reasons. However, the design also makes it possible to mount it above or below the display or primary sound devices, such as your flat-screen television or computer.
With soundbars, the manufacturers place multiple speakers inside of a single cabinet. In contrast, traditional speakers stand on their own around the room but take up more space. Both options allow for a stereo-sound or surround-sound effect, which is what most home entertainment center owners want. Today, manufacturers include a subwoofer to supplement the soundbar’s core capabilities. Units that include a subwoofer are considered hybrids and have become increasingly popular.

What to Look for in a Soundbar

The best soundbar ticks all the boxes of what you’re looking for in a sound system. Factors to consider might include:
  • Your budget and your ideal price point and upper spending limit
  • The size of your room, determining how much space you have and what you need to fill the space with quality sound
  • The size of your television might only require a certain soundbar level or might require something higher end
  • Whether you can place the soundbar on top of the entertainment center or if it needs to be mounted
  • Whether the soundbar will work with your TV
The main features to consider when searching for a specific soundbar are the widest listening angles and the highest maximum volumes. With this, you can count on the sound reaching all corners of the room, so everyone can hear what is going on, no matter where they are sitting or standing.
It’s also essential for the speech quality to shine through. Modern television sets’ sound systems often garble dialogue, even when you are watching in relative silence. Add in a few guests for a viewing session, and you might have a room full of baffled viewers.

Does the Sony HT-S400 Soundbar Sound Right for You?

With some ideas in mind about which soundbar strategy works for you, let’s see if the Sony HT-S400 fits the bill.
According to AV Caesar, Sony recently announced the Sony HT-S400 as a basic, entry-level soundbar model, including a Dolby Digital decoder. However, don’t rule it out yet because it also benefits from S-Force Pro Front Surround technology, mimicking a virtual surround system with a simple 2.1 soundbar.
Here are some key audio and video specifications to consider before making your decision:
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
  • Wireless subwoofer for dynamic power
  • Delivered by the digital S-Master amplification at 330 watts
  • Connectivity via HDMI CEC 1.4 output with ARC function
  • Optical unit with USB port dedicated to Firmware updates
  • HDCP 2.2 certification
  • Two X-Balanced broadband speakers in a rectangular shape
  • Associated with Separated Notch Edge technology, featuring finely placed notches at the edge of the membrane to better control pressure and enhance sound clarity
  • Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 900 x 64 x 88 for the soundbar, 192 x 387 x 400 for the box
While the price point on this soundbar is low at around $300, the quality is high enough to satisfy high-end users. In addition, Sony created some clever workarounds to make this unit budget-friendly and space-friendly without sacrificing a high-quality sound experience.
Engadget reports that the HT-S400 isn’t available until April 2022, so you have more time to think about this option, especially compared to brands at similar price points, like Samsung and Vizio.
Ultimately, it seems like Sony’s team put a lot of thought into creating something that more people can afford as an entry point into the soundbar market.

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