TCL Alto Soundbar – a Perfect Wireless Entertainment System

Soundbars have become an exciting way to take your home entertainment center to the next level in quality and enjoyment. If you and your family have spent more time at home in 2020 and 2021, you might find yourself looking for new ways to enjoy quality time together. A soundbar helps recreate the movie theater experience in the comfort and security of your own home, where you can enjoy dinner and a movie without worrying about where to park.
You might wonder where to start your search for your soundbar if you’re just now learning about them. One new release you might consider, along with a high-caliber extended warranty, is the TCL Alto R1 Wireless Soundbar.
Please keep reading to learn more about soundbars in general and all the TCL Alto R1 can do to support your sonic experience at home.

What Is a Soundbar?

A soundbar is a loudspeaker that projects sound from an enclosed area or enclosure. Built wider than tall to allow for better audio transmission and projection, a soundbar is also easy to mount near, whether above or below, a television screen, stereo system, computer monitor, or home theater. The design for a soundbar system features multiple speakers inside a single cabinet to create a surround sound or stereo effect. You might also add a subwoofer to help support your soundbar if one does not come with your system.

Several Brands Sell Soundbars

While many of today’s big-screen televisions offer plenty of bells and whistles, you can’t always hear them as well, and you might need some assistance. According to Consumer Reports, soundbars help boost modern televisions that lack the audio horsepower of older models. Some programming can survive with standard audio, but there are plenty of film scores and live concerts that demand amazing sound delivery.
A few brands providing soundbars include Bose, Klipsch, Edifier, LG, Samsung, Sony, Sonos, Vizio, and, of course, TCL.

The TCL Alto R1 Wireless Soundbar

Many industry experts are excited about the release of the TCL Alto R1 Wireless Soundbar, which is the first Roku Ready wireless soundbar and comes with plenty of features and no wires. That means there are no wires at all to connect the soundbar to your television. The power cable is another matter. The most exciting aspect for Roku fans is that they can expect a seamless connection to their system. So, if you’re a Roku user, you might have already found a strong contender for your soundbar purchase.

Why Is the Roku Connection Important?

You might wonder why it helps to buy a soundbar specific to your home entertainment system. The main reason is that it will help synchronize the two, eliminating any audio lag that causes an out-of-sync experience between audio and video. If you’ve ever seen film and audio out of sync, you’ll know how important it is to remove this possibility.
Another reason it’s so important is that you can integrate the TCL R1’s settings directly into your Roku TV user interface. That means you can make all adjustments with your Roku remote. You won’t need to scramble to find and keep up with more than one remote for your Roku and TCL R1. Just set your television set’s existing remote to control sound for both to experience better control, simple settings, audio settings, and automatic software updates.
TCL has its soundbar system ready to ensure that the setup is a breeze, allowing you to plug it in to a power outlet and let your Roku TV do the rest.

Protect Your TCL Alto R1 Wireless Soundbar Like Any Other Home Entertainment Component

You might not think about the potential damage to your wireless soundbar, but like all technology, anything can happen. With an average price of $249, you don’t want to risk it breaking and losing out on having a rich, clear sound for family movie night.
Make sure you can enjoy your soundbar every movie night for years to come by investing in an Upsie home entertainment extended warranty. If anything happens to your soundbar, the claim process is friendly and simple. Contact the Upsie customer service team to speak to a real-live person regarding your issue and to submit your claim. They’ll walk you through the process and make sure your soundbar gets up and running (or replaced) as quickly as possible.

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