Your Guide to the 2020 Element TV Lineup Made in America

It’s a great day to be in the market for a new TV. Prices have come down to ridiculously low levels on powerful 4K smart TVs. You can easily find a good-sized one for under $300, and that’s pretty remarkable.
There’s been more and more competition on the budget end of the price spectrum. As a result, features are on the rise even as prices are on the decline. It’s truly a great time to consider upgrading.
One of the companies at the heart of this budget TV battle is Element. Let’s take a look at this intriguing company before evaluating their top TVs in 2020 (plus how to protect your new Element TV purchase).

Introducing Element: TVs Made in the USA

Element has made a name for itself as the only manufacturer making TVs in the USA. You might assume their prices would be higher for that reason alone. But somehow this budget maker has found a way to keep costs down while keeping production, sales, and operations all firmly in the States. Its lone manufacturing plant is in Winnsboro, South Carolina, and its customer support and operations teams are in a couple locations in the Midwest and Plains.
Element truly is a budget maker. Its highest-end TV, the 75-inch 4K HDR 10 450 series, is available from Best Buy for under $1,000. Most of its lineup is sub-$500.

The 2020 Element TV Lineup

Element divides its televisions into four series, generally increasing in price and quality:
  • Series 100 contains basic TVs with no internet connectivity.
  • Series 200 TVs have proprietary smart features limited to 7 built-in apps.
  • Series 300 TVs use Roku OS and offer voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • Series 400/450 TVs also use Roku OS and offer the finest picture and sound quality, plus sleek frameless design. Series 450 adds Apple AirPlay/HomeKit support
Resolution varies by TV size more than by series designations. Series 100 and 200, for example, offer 4K in their largest sizes, but Series 300 tops out at HD — mainly because there aren’t any large-format TVs in the 300 series.

Top Non-Smart Budget Pick: Series 100 43-inch or Larger

Let’s be honest: we don’t always need a smart TV in every room. Sometimes a TV that’s not connected to the Internet will do just fine, and sometimes it’s even preferable. You might have a TV set up in the kids’ room for casual video gaming, and you don’t want them having unsupervised Internet access.
However, you probably do still want a TV that looks and sounds great. You also don’t want to spend a lot. If this sounds like your situation, Element’s Series 100 could be a perfect solution for you.
Series 100 TVs come in a range of resolutions, and once you get up to 43 inches, they are all 4K. You’ll get clear, high or ultra-high resolution, and you’ll also get Dolby-powered sound.
The 43-inch 4K entry runs around $210 currently, with modest increases for the larger sizes. If you don’t need smarts in your TV, it’s hard to go wrong with an Element Series 100.

Top Small Format Pick: Series 300 32-inch 1080P

Today’s TVs just keep getting bigger and bigger, and there seems to be no end in sight. But some of us don’t live in places that can fit a massive 85 inch TV. And if you want a TV in a spare bedroom, you might not want it to be all that large. If you’re looking for a smaller set but don’t want to compromise on features, Element’s Series 300 is for you.
The 32-inch 1080P model has plenty of resolution for the size, and you get access to an awesome smart TV experience in the stellar Roku TV OS. For a smaller-sized smart TV experience, the Series 300 is a great choice.

Top Feature-Packed Pick: Series 400

It might feel a little weird to buy the flagship model from a budget brand, but Element’s Series 400 makes a compelling case for doing so. Simply put, you get an impressive feature set that would cost a lot more in most other brands, yet the company keeps the price point fairly manageable.
Element’s Series 400 pairs stellar 4K image quality with HDR 10 support for a stunning picture that defies expectations. Roku TV OS is here, along with support for voice assistants. The 450 models also have AirPlay support.
All this comes in a gorgeous frameless design that looks as premium as TVs twice the price.
Sure, there are trade-offs with all Element TVs. But for the price? You’d be hard-pressed to complain.

Keep Saving Money With an Extended TV Warranty

Sometimes, budget TVs have some struggles when it comes to reliability. If you’ve purchased a 2020 Element TV, you want to protect that purchase with excellent warranty protection. Far and away, the best way to do this is with an Upsie extended TV warranty. You’ll get industry-leading coverage at an impressively low price.
Don’t risk that new TV going up in smoke – get protected today with an Upsie warranty.

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