The Top Four TCL TV Sets for 2020

According to TechRadar, TCL Corp. has rapidly established itself as one of the biggest budget TV brands all over the world. Originally founded in China in the 1980s, the manufacturer has more recently expanded to 160 markets, including the United States and Europe.
They’re most famous for their mass-scale production and aggressive prices. More recently, TCL has moved into the high-end TV market too. TV shoppers with various budgets may find a TCL TV that suits them.

Top TCL TV Sets in 2020

Upsie recently compared TCL with Element, another budget-friendly TV brand. While TCL has their headquarters in China, Element stands out as the most prominent US-based TV manufacturer.
To explore TCL in more depth, consider one of these popular TCL TV sets for 2020 and beyond.

The TCL 6-Series 2020 QLED

TCL’s 6-Series offers great options for consumers who want to balance price and quality. For example, MiniLED tech helps improve picture contrast. Also, the AiPQ Engine handles HD well. Reviewers consider this product mediocre for brightness and motion handling. Still, for $649, the TCL 6-Series offers a good value that should satisfy most people.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV

At just about $650 for a 55-inch screen, this Roku TV displays good color with Dolby Vision. The 6-Series Roku TV should make the comparison list of anybody who wants a high-quality Roku TV in this price range.

TCL 5-Series

Some 5-Series TCL TVs start at less than $300, so they’re absolutely decent choices for cheaper LED TVs. Don’t expect the brightest picture, thought. For just about $200 more, consider the superior features of 6-Series TCL TV sets.

TCL 8-Series

The newer 8-Series TVs actually defy TCL’s reputation for modest prices. As an example, the 65-inch 65Q825 starts at about $1,600. Still, they’re cheaper than comparable OLED sets and come close in image quality. Positives of the TCL 8-Series TV sets include high-performance streaming and great image quality.
TV enthusiasts who care about having perfect picture quality might prefer an OLED TV. As an example, CNET suggested comparing the TCL 8-SERIES to the somewhat pricier LG OLEDCX series.
At the same time, CNET said that TCL justified their price point with better image quality than most TV sets in this range. It’s just that purists will probably find the OLED TV somewhat better. Of course, shoppers should also keep checking prices to see if they can take advantage of price drops and specials.

Should Consumers Skimp on TV Warranties?

Today’s TV sets offer high-quality screens, internet connections, and many other valuable features. Providing all of these features requires a lot of sophisticated, delicate components. While it’s fine to choose a modestly priced set, TV owners may regret neglecting to add an extended warranty.
Generally, the limited warranties that manufacturers supply exclude many common issues and only last for a short time. TV manufacturers focus on producing TV sets. Thus, they offer these initial warranties to help protect their reputation against claims they distributed defective TVs.

Why Are Upsie Warranties Better?

In contrast to manufacturer warranties, Upsie centers their entire business around satisfying warranty customers. Upsie TV warranties cover many kinds of damage that limited warranties exclude.
They also provide certified, in-home service, and extend their protection for a choice of two, three, or five years. Upsie customers can begin claims online or by calling a live representative 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Plans include coverage for damage from screen burn-in, power surges, and problems with mechanical or electronic parts, and much more.
Even better, TV buyers have up to 11 months to register their set and buy a TCL TV extended warranty. Besides TCL, Upsie also offers extended warranties for Element, LG, and other TV brands. After shopping for the best TV, it’s time to consider an affordable, comprehensive extended warranty from Upsie.

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