Is a TCL TV Warranty Worth It?

TCL is one of the most popular TV brands because of its affordable yet high-quality options. However, because TCL TVs are affordable, they are at risk of manufacturing defects and screen burn-in. Consider purchasing a TCL TV extended warranty to better protect your TV from damage.

Does TCL Make Quality TVs?

TCL has 4K, 8K UHD, Mini-LED, HD, and QLED TVs that all cost several hundred dollars less than comparable TVs from other manufacturers. However, the quality of the TVs is often slightly below the quality of similar TVs from more expensive brands.

TCL TVs may not be the best option for dedicated gamers or those who are looking for perfect contrast and color. They struggle in well-lit rooms since many TCL screens lack the display to adjust to bright lighting. Still, TCL TVs are reliable for regular use and great for families or individuals who want a good quality TV for an affordable price.

You can expect a new TCL TV to last up to seven years with daily use and more if the TV is used infrequently. You can also lengthen the TV’s lifespan by cleaning the TV regularly and lowering the TV’s brightness settings.

Although TCL’s TV options aren’t as feature-packed and innovative as high-end brands, they are dependable.

What Does the TCL Limited Warranty Cover?

All TVs sold by TCL will come with a 12-month limited warranty. According to the TCL limited warranty, it covers “defects in materials or workmanship to the original owner of this TCL product when purchased as new from an Authorized Dealer of TCL brand products and packaged with this warranty statement.” For 12 months, the limited warranty covers manufacturing defects and will pay for the cost of replacement parts and labor.

However, the limited warranty specifically excludes screen burn-in. It states that the warranty does not apply to “markings or images on the product’s LCD/LED panel resulting from viewing fixed images.”

After the first 12 months, the limited warranty will expire, and you'll have to cover the cost of the repairs out of pocket. To avoid paying for repairs, you can purchase an extended warranty.

What Are the Benefits of a TCL TV Extended Warranty?

Before deciding whether or not a TCL TV warranty is worth it, let's look at the benefits of the warranty. First, an extended warranty extends the protection from the manufacturer for up to five years. That means that you have a long-lasting guarantee against defects.

Some extended warranties, like Upsie’s warranties, protect from screen burn-in. Screen burn-in is common in LED and OLED TV models and occurs when the TV is left on with a paused picture. The picture will “burn” onto the screen and leave a faint after-image that stays even when you change the screen. The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover screen burn-in, but Upsie does!

With an Upsie warranty, customers also can make unlimited claims up to the TV’s purchase price with no deductibles. In addition to screen burn-in, Upsie also covers:

  • Mechanical defects
  • Power failure
  • Screen failure
  • Speaker and sound issues
  • Malfunctioning buttons
  • Power surges

With an extended warranty, you get comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Are There Disadvantages to a TCL TV Warranty?

Extended warranties vary depending on the provider. For example, retail stores often overcharge for their warranty protection. However, as long as you purchase your warranty from an affordable provider like Upsie, the only disadvantage is that you might not need it.

Where to Find the Best TCL TV Warranty

You can find the best TCL TV warranty from Upsie. Upsie’s warranties are affordable and cost up to 70% less than warranties from retailers. For example, an Upsie warranty for a $450 TCL TV costs just $63.99 for three years and $111.99 for five years. There are also no deductibles for repairs.

Upsie covers the cost of repairs and will even replace the TV if repairs don’t make sense on the first claim. Best of all, customers get full transparency with Upsie. You can find all of Uspie’s warranty information written in simple text on the website.

When purchasing a new TV, say no to the warranty offered by the retailer at the checkout counter. Instead, purchase an Upsie warranty for TVs bought in the last 11 months.

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