Hisense Versus TCL TVs

Hisense and TCL are two of the most affordable TV brands and have many good quality TVs that cost under $500. And, while the TVs are affordable, they have many of the same features that you might expect from higher-priced brands. However, since Hisense and TCL overlap in many areas, it might be hard to choose between the two brands. Here’s a full comparison of price, features, and quality to help you decide between Hisense and TCL TVs.

Hisense Versus TCL TVs: Price

For many people, price is the first thing they consider when purchasing a TV. Most people aren’t going to spend several thousand dollars on a TV without doing extensive research beforehand. Still, it may feel more comfortable to buy an affordable TV.

Luckily, both Hisense and TCL have a wide range of affordable options. For example, Hisense has a 32-inch TV that costs just $219.99. Even though the TV is affordable, it still has an LED HD screen and is equipped with Android OS and Hey Google. On the other end of the spectrum, Hisense also has a $1,799.99 TV with a ULED Premium QLED 4K screen.

TCL’s most affordable TV is the $124 32-inch 3-Series TV. It’s an HD Roku TV that comes with just the basics; however, it’s an amazing TV for under $200. One of TCL’s best premium TV options is the 75-inch 8k QLED Dolby Vision TV for $2999.99.

Overall, TCL has better priced TVs compared to Hisense. In addition, when searching for TVs by price, TCL’s website is easier to navigate and allows you to customize your search based on the price range that you’re interested in.

Hisense Versus TCL TVs: Smart Features

Both Hisense and TCL have TVs with Google, Roku, and Android. However, Hisense has a few more options, including Fire TV, Vidaa TV, and XClass TV. So, if you’re used to a particular interface, Hisense may have more options for you to choose from.

Many of TCL’s TVs come with Roku, which is one of the easier interfaces to navigate. Regardless of whether you choose Hisense or TCL, you’ll be able to find a TV with helpful and intuitive smart features.

Are Hisense TVs Good Quality?

Hisense TVs are affordable and still have premium smart features. They have thin screens, high refresh rates, and 4K resolution (depending on the model). In addition, many models have Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. Some Hisense TVs also use Dolby Atmos for clear sound.

Although Hisense has several great options, they are still prone to defects. For example, OLED models may experience screen burn-in when the TV is left paused for several hours. Similarly, some TVs may have dead pixels or can experience power supply issues. The most common issue for Hisense TVs is manufacturing defects.

If a manufacturing defect appears in the first 12 months, Hisense’s limited warranty will cover the cost of the repair or replacement. However, the limited warranty does not cover screen burn-in or dead pixels. So, for comprehensive protection that lasts up to five years, we recommend pairing your TV with an Upsie Hisense TV extended warranty.

Are TCL TVs Good Quality?

TCL has TVs that range from under $200 to over $5000. In addition, many of their TVs have QLED screens with 4k or 8k resolution. TCL also supports Roku, which makes the interface feel familiar and intuitive. However, some of TCL’s TVs may experience screen burn-in and manufacturing defects.

Similar to Hisense’s limited warranty coverage, TCL also covers manufacturing defects for the first 12 months. After the limited warranty expires, you’ll have to pay for repairs and replacements out of pocket. As a result, you should always purchase an Upsie TCL TV warranty for any TCL purchased in the last 11 months.

Which Brand Is Better?

In many aspects, Hisense and TCL are nearly identical. They both promote low-cost Smart TVs and have similar smart features. Because of this, it’s hard to pick which brand is better for your home. Instead, we recommend finding a TV style that fits your home, regardless of whether the TV is from Hisense or TCL.

After you purchase your TV, make sure to purchase a three-year or five-year warranty from Upsie to protect your new TV from manufacturing defects, screen burn-in, dead pixels, power failure, and more. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for TVs bought in the last 11 months.

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