Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Rumors and Leaks

As more leaks and rumors drop about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, the more likely it seems that news about the S8 doesn’t refer to just one tablet. Instead, Samsung might release an entire series, including a regular, Plus, Like, and Ultra version. According to TechRadar, these upgraded tablets could rival current iPads for the quality of their displays and processors.
Until Samsung makes this line of tablet computers official, a lot of news relies on speculation and rumors. Find out what’s known or guessed by industry watchers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet Release Date and Prices

Right now, Samsung has not offered a release date or price. However, informed speculators guess they could debut in the spring.
As for the price, Samsung will probably price them as premium tablets. Right now, the base model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 retails for over $500, and upgraded versions sell for more than $800. The most affordable Tab 7 began retailing for $649, and retailers have discounted it since its release. Some leaks have suggested the standard Tab 7 might sell for as much as $800, with a presumably lower price for the Lite version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet Specs

At this point, most of the information about the specs for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets also comes from speculation and leaks. These suggest various Tab S8 models will offer 11-, 12.4, and 14.6-inch displays.
In particular, leaks about the Tab 8 Ultra sound fantastic. For instance:
  • The 14.6-inch Ultra display may come with a resolution of 2960 x 1848.
  • Rumors have also suggested the Ultra will include a massive 12,000mAh battery, up to 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage.
  • Samsung might give the Ultra an Exynos 2200 chipset, making it one of the fastest Android devices available.
Since the Ultra’s rumored screen size rivals the size of plenty of popular laptop displays, it looks like an excellent choice to use with an optional stand and keyboard to serve as a PC when it’s not in tablet mode. Samsung may hope to position this tablet as an option to buy instead of a laptop because it will offer competitive specs, a sleek footprint, and more versatility.
If Samsung’s not after the laptop market, they appear ready to take on Apple for a larger share of the tablet market. Tom’s Guide expects to see an official debut by February, and it will be interesting to compare these predictions, rumors, and leaks against the official announcement.

How to Buy the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Warranty

High-quality tablet computers offer the mobility of a phone combined with the functionality of a PC. The right accessories can transform these handy devices from easels to TV monitors to decked-out laptops. Still, consumers pay a premium to get so many features wrapped in a slim, sleek package.
Because of their usefulness and portability, tablet computers suffer from the same vulnerabilities that threaten smartphones and PCs. Tablet owners’ most common reasons for repairs include accidents, like spills and cracked screens. Meanwhile, the limited warranty included with a purchase will only pay for defects, so tablet owners must pay for repairs to common kinds of damage out of their own pockets.
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