The Latest Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors

Late last year, both Microsoft and Sony made waves by releasing their latest generation consoles. Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are gaming powerhouses filled to the brim with impressive specs. Both are also widely out of stock and still tough to get your hands on several months later.
All the hype surrounding these consoles has many people wondering: what about Nintendo? Are they going to release a new console soon, perhaps the Nintendo Switch 2? If not, why not? And why does the Nintendo Switch still seem kind of hard to find, even though it isn’t new?
Find answers to questions like these below in this rumor roundup for the Nintendo Switch 2.

A Bit of Console History

To understand how the industry got to where it is right now, you have to go back to 2012 and 2013. All three brands, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, released a new generation of consoles in that window. The PS4 and the Xbox One arrived in late 2013 and were both successful consoles that iterated on the previous generation.
Nintendo, though, didn’t fare so well. It released the Wii U a year earlier, in late 2012. Its clunky massive second-screen gamepad was kind of painful to hold, and consumers didn’t really enjoy the experience of having that second screen. Developers didn’t seem to know what to do with it, either, and the experience was just disconnected.
Third-party developers didn’t flock to the console, either: low sales and the problem of what to do with the second screen were two reasons.
So, while Sony and Microsoft enjoyed solid sales during this console generation, Nintendo scrambled to fix their mistake, and in releasing the original Switch in 2017, they certainly did fix their mistake.

The Original Switch: A Unique Device and Massive Success

Nintendo’s next console, the Switch, was and is unique. It’s simultaneously a handheld and a console gaming device. All games work in handheld mode, but the unit docks and outputs to your TV like a normal console as well. It retains the best aspects of the Wii, with motion-sensing Joy-Cons. But just about all games can be played using conventional controllers as well.
The console has been out for five years now, and it’s still sometimes hard to get your hands on one. It’s finally getting a bit easier, but it’s been massively popular and shows no signs of slowing.
Since Nintendo has gotten off the “standard” refresh cycle, everyone is wondering what comes next. The Switch is still a capable device that’s selling like hotcakes, despite the higher-powered offerings from Microsoft and Nintendo. So what’s next?

Switch 2 or Switch Pro?

Depending on which rumors you trust, Nintendo could be planning to release a device that’s potentially named the Switch 2 or the Switch Pro. Whatever the name, the expectation is that the device would have beefed up internals capable of outputting at 4K resolution. Existing switch titles aren’t designed to display in native 4K, so the device may include the ability to up-scale current games.
This theory is bolstered by reports in Bloomberg that Nintendo is asking developers to build in support for 4K in titles currently under development.

New Console or Just an Upgraded Model?

There isn’t much clarity yet on whether Nintendo’s new console will be an entirely new generation of console or more like an expansion of the Switch lineup. There was early reporting suggesting that Nintendo plans to have a “family” of Switch devices that could last 10 years or even longer, or even a “Switch ecosystem” sort of like Apple’s iOS devices.
At this point, rumors lean toward the new console supporting the existing Switch library, but some new titles may only work on the latest hardware. It’s too early to say for sure.

Release Date

If there’s one thing that’s a little more certain, it’s a release window. Whatever Nintendo’s planning, there’s evidence suggesting the company will release the next product sometime in 2021. The fact that it’s already 2021 and no one’s heard anything official does lend some credence to the idea that the new model will be more of an upgrade than a brand new console. But at this point, anything’s possible.

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