Too Many Choices? How to Buy the Best Gaming Console

For gamers, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. Both big brands and indies offer an abundance of game choices. In addition, major consoles recently offered upgrades that help them work better with high-performance TVs and monitors.
On the downside, recent supply chain issues might mean waiting for the perfect gaming console or the latest accessories to come back in stock. Although, hot gaming machines have always experienced temporary periods when retailers run out of stock, so this is nothing new for the industry. Most likely, the abundance of new features will make choosing a the best gaming console a bigger obstacle than finding one.

Compare Top Gaming Consoles to Find the Perfect Match

To get started, compare the latest gaming consoles to find the perfect match. Then start browsing for retailers with the best inventory and prices.

Playstation 5

DigitalTrends awarded the Playstation 5 with the title of the best gaming console on the market in 2022. The console offers fast performance, a redesigned controller, and a massive selection of games. Playstation released this console back in November 2020, and sadly, shoppers still struggle to find it in stock at retailers.

Xbox Series X

The Playstation 5 might get called the best console, but the Xbox Series X stands out as Microsoft’s best. Also, GamePass offers good value for people who want an almost unlimited selection of games. Bonus: this console runs very quietly.

Nintendo Switch

Anybody who wants the option of enjoying a console gaming experience with a truly mobile device should consider the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that made the Nintendo Switch the most popular worldwide choice for gaming consoles in 2021, according to Statista.
The Switch can connect to a TV or monitor for playing at home. But it also comes with its own screen for gaming from almost anywhere. Besides the basic Switch, Nintendo also offers a Nintendo Switch OLED with higher resolution and extra features.

Playstation 4 Pro

The top-tier console from Sony’s previous lineup still performs very well, and it can make a good choice for people who want the Playstation experience for less money. Some people may also find the Playstation 4 Pro easier to source than the latest Playstation 5.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Console for 2022

The best gaming console for any individual or family depends upon game selection, console performance, and preferences. For instance:
  • People might choose between the Playstation 5 and Xbox depending upon their experience with previous consoles and even availability at retailers.
  • While Sony and Microsoft battled it out for supremacy, Nintendo took off in another direction by producing a handheld device that works with its own screen or a larger monitor.
  • The older Playstation 4 Pro offers an economical alternative, and budget-minded consumers might even find refurbished models that other gamers traded in for the newer model.

Protect New or Refurbished Gaming Consoles

After investing time and money in selecting and purchasing the perfect game machine, it’s essential to protect it with a warranty. Upsie offers affordable extended warranties for new and used gaming consoles. Used consoles need to come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty to qualify for an Upsie extended warranty.
Besides low prices, Upsie offers the broadest coverage, and the best service in the industry. In addition to consoles, Upsie also protects controllers, gaming laptops, and hundreds of other electronics.
Today’s manufacturers offer many excellent choices for casual or avid gamers. The vast selection makes choosing the best gaming console difficult for some people. At the same time, Upsie makes it easy to select and buy the best extended warranty.

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