Full Recap of the 2021 Gaming Awards

According to the annual Gaming Awards website, the gaming industry develops the most inspiring, challenging, and immersive kind of entertainment. And like other forms of entertainment, gaming has its own awards to show off titles that are changing the industry. Starting in 2014, the annual Game Awards recognize achievement in video games similarly to how the Oscars celebrate movies.
Last year, the awards went entirely virtual because of the pandemic, but the organizers held the 2021 Gaming Awards show in front of a live audience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Recap of the 2021 Gaming Awards

Gamers look forward to the Gaming Awards for several reasons. Primarily, people want to know if their favorite games won in their categories. First, selected gaming journalists nominate games, and later, they vote to choose the winners. Awards and nominations include various digital games for multiple platforms, including console, PC, and mobile games.
The awards show also gives game developers a chance to preview new games. Some exciting game reveals include The Matrix Awakens, Star Wars: Eclipse, and the Halo TV Show.
Tom’s Guide offered live coverage of the entire event and posted a complete list of winners and debuting games. If a personal favorite did not win, check to see if it at least made the list of Game Awards nominees.
Some of the highlights of the winners include:

Are The Gaming Awards Popular?

Even though the live audience at Microsoft Theater needed an invitation, millions of people tuned in to watch the show on streaming platforms, including Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. According to StreamsCharts, the program lasted three-and-one-half hours and generated over 6.7 million hours of watching time.
Even more, the show maintained an audience of 1.9 million concurrent watchers, and at its peak, The Game Awards reached 2.1 million viewers. Only three gaming events drew a larger audience during the past year. These three events included Nintendo and Xbox events, but The Game Awards outpaced the Playstation Showcase event.

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