GTA 6 and Other Anticipated Games for 2022

There’s no shortage of anticipated video games to look forward to right now, especially after news that work on GTA 6 is finally underway. Rockstar Games has, at last, confirmed that its next Grand Theft Auto title is in active development. Unfortunately, while there’s yet to be any indication of a release date, it almost certainly won’t be this year.
Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced way back in October 2011 but didn’t launch until September 2013. So on that basis, GTA 6 may not appear until the end of 2023 or early 2024. Thankfully, there’s plenty more to get excited about in the meantime. That includes Gran Turismo 7, The Day Before, and Hollow Knight: Silksong, all scheduled for release this year on either PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo’s Switch.

Top Five Anticipated Games

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo has been a go-to title for racing game fans for 25 years now. The first game in the series arrived on the original PlayStation way back in 1997. Fast-forward to today, and the latest installment is almost here in the shape of Gran Turismo 7. Remaining a PlayStation-exclusive title, the seventh primary release of Gran Turismo will be available on Sony’s latest-generation console, the ever-scarce PS5, from March 4.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Offering something a little different for lovers of the Final Fantasy franchise, Stranger of Paradise comes to consoles and PCs in mid-March. Touted as an action-heavy prequel of sorts, it deviates from more traditional Final Fantasy games in numerous areas. Yet, while aspects of gameplay may be slightly unfamiliar to FF devotees, the game’s creators have assured fans that the lore remains the same.
There’s good news for last-generation console owners, too. That’s because Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launches on both PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Series X and S consoles, and PC on March 18.

The Day Before

The Day Before is available for the latest generation of consoles and PCs only. Something of a spiritual successor to 2013’s The Last of Us, The Day Before borrows heavily from both the original and the 2020 follow-up, The Last of Us Part II.
With that, expect an ambitious zombie apocalypse scenario set in familiar cities. The Last of Us has always been a Sony-only title. The Day Before, however, is coming to both the PS5 and Microsoft’s latest Xbox, as well as gamers’ PCs. Arriving on the latter on June 21, console release dates will follow but are as yet officially announced.


Bethesda offers legendary franchises including Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, and The Evil Within. Now, the video game publisher is back with all-new anticipated games for 2022. Starfield, available exclusively on PC and current-generation Xbox consoles, has been billed as Skyrim in space.
Expectations are unsurprisingly high. That’s particularly with Bethesda themselves having already suggested that Starfield players will set out to unravel the answers to some of life’s greatest-ever mysteries. Anyone looking to do just that has a little while to wait, though. Starfield is not due to launch until November 11.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Long-awaited and, with that, arguably now well-overdue, Hollow Knight‘s creators have been promising a sequel for some time. Finally, that sequel appears to be incoming as Hollow Knight: Silksong, with a 2022 release date promised. Hollow Knight: Silksong should arrive on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch before the end of the year.
Expect more of the award-winning gameplay that Hollow Knight initially delivered in 2017, with Silksong almost certain to continue borrowing from iconic titles such as Metroid and Castlevania. Hollow Knight: Silksong‘s release date may yet slip back into 2023. However, right now, a 2022 launch does seem likely, with its makers pointing toward a truly massive offering featuring over 160 all-new enemies to tackle.

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