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Upsie Covers Your Xbox from Drops, Spills, Power Failure and More

Eligibility limited to Xbox consoles and controllers purchased in the last 60 days

2 Year Warranty
w/Accident Protection
$25 Deductible
3 Year Warranty
w/Accident Protection
$25 Deductible

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Protect your Xbox Console for $1.71 per month

Manufacturing Defect
Screen Cracks
2 Year Warranty Price$46.46Does not offer 2 year plans$69.99$79.99$63.00
3 Year Warranty Price$61.43$119.99Does not offer 3 year plansDoes not offer 3 year plansDoes not offer 3 year plans

Price as of Nov 10, 2020 based on a $499 Xbox Series X

Upsie’s protection includes:



Upsie accident protection covers damage to your Xbox from drops, including cracks and broken hardware.

Xbox Repair Options

To get your console back to working order in no time

Local repair

Work with one of our certified repair shops near you or request to take your Xbox to your shop of choice.

How Our Xbox Warranty Works

Buy & Activate Your Xbox Console Warranty

You can buy an Upsie warranty for your Xbox controllers and console, such as the Xbox One S and Series S, up to 60 days after purchase. To activate your Upsie coverage, upload a picture or copy of your product’s receipt in your account.

Coverage Starts

There’s a 31 day waiting period post-purchase before you can make an accidental damage claim on your Xbox. If your Xbox is still covered under the manufacturer warranty (first year after purchase) we may direct you to them.

Make a Claim

Make a call 24/7/365 to file your claim. A real person will answer, walk you through the claim and let you know if it is covered. You can also start the claim by filling out a form in your account. We may ask for a picture of your Xbox for verification.


Common answers to Xbox warranty frequently asked questions


Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make on my Xbox console or controllers?


We will cover an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of the device. If you have an Xbox Series X with a purchase value of $500, and we repair it for $150, then you would have $350.00 remaining in claims.

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