Affordable Back to School Tech for All Students in 2021

Even before the pandemic made remote learning common, students used technology to learn and communicate. Of course, this was accelerated during the height of coronavirus social distancing measures. Suddenly, everybody needed to scramble to acquire the tech they would need for distance learning.
By fall 2021, most schools will open their doors to in-person learning again. However, things might never go completely back to the way they were before. Already tested during the pandemic’s school of hard knocks and integrated into curriculums, technology will remain as an important part of education.

Suggestions for Value-Packed Back-to-School Tech for Students

Technology requires more of an investment than the school supply packs that parents typically pick up from the local PTA. Most families will need to balance budgets with their child’s requirements. With that in mind, look at some back-to-school suggestions that provide plenty of value for the money.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

If students want Windows, ZDNet says the versatile, affordable Microsoft Surface Go 2 makes an excellent choice. It starts at only $399, making it an affordable option for many. Equipped with both a detachable keyboard and a stylus, the Surface Go 2 works as either a laptop or a tablet computer. It lasts up to 10 hours on a charge, weighs 1.2 pounds, and has a 10.2-inch display. The option to include LTE even provides connectivity when there’s no WiFi available.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Students have been turning to Chromebook computers for their affordable prices and plethora of features. Starting at $299, the Chromebook Duet earned PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice badge for back-to-school value. Like the Microsoft Surface Go 2, students can use it as either a tablet or laptop. It features a decent camera and solid battery life.

MacBook Air

Some students will gravitate towards Apple products, and that choice will require a bigger budget. Still, a $999 investment in a MacBook Air can provide a high-end, reliable experience that will last for years because of its durable and lightweight design. This laptop weighs less than three pounds and can follow a student all the way from younger grades through college.

Anker PowerCore Metro 20000

With so much emphasis on mobile devices, a powerful backup charging device, like the Metro 20000, can keep on-the-go students from worrying about running out of power. It gets its name from the 20,000 mAH battery and is capable of running a smartphone or other mobile device for up to 96 hours. The backup charger costs $42 and provides priceless assurance of extra charges during tests or lectures.

Logitech MK550 Keyboard

In the interest of keeping computers small, light, and affordable, manufacturers often skimp on keyboard design. Even students may experience hand and wrist strain when using a conventional keyboard for the time they need to complete a project. Priced at $49.95, the MK550 comes with both an ergonomic keyboard and mouse that will connect to Windows devices wirelessly.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

These days, lots of libraries offer electronic versions of books and publications. Priced at $249, the Amazon Paperwhite e-reader reduces glare to make it more comfortable to use than reading on typical computer screens. Of course, it’s also much more comfortable to carry this slim, lightweight device around than a backpack full of heavy books.

Getting the Most Value Out of Back-to-School Tech

Of course, the exact technology that benefits individual students will depend upon school requirements, age, courses, budgets and preferences. But in every case, no family wants to invest in back-to-school technology only to face high, unexpected repair bills a few months into the school year when it breaks.
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