Eufy Versus Arlo: Which Security Camera System is Best?

Many factors come into play when you’re trying to decide what security camera system works best for your home. Ideally, you get a camera capable of providing high-quality video, night vision, and clear audio. In addition, many systems now come equipped with the ability to integrate with various smart platforms.
Both Eufy and Arlo systems have become popular among homeowners looking for these capabilities. Let’s look at how they compare and why consumers might choose one over the other. It’s also a good idea to consider purchasing an extended warranty for your security camera system in case it gets damaged.

Eufy vs. Arlo Design

Both Eufy and Arlo feature minimalist designs. One nice thing is that there aren’t a lot of flashy components that make them look weird or out of place. However, the latest Arlo Ultra 2 4K camera lens does stick out, while the one on the Eufycam E aligns more evenly. In addition, the protruding lens does affect the overall look of the Arlo camera. That’s one thing to watch for as you browse the range of cameras offered by both brands.

Eufy vs. Arlo Video

Most Eufy and Arlo security cameras provide 1080p HD resolution. However, as mentioned before, Arlo does offer an Ultra 4K model for those who want the clearest video possible. Eufy doesn’t currently sell security cameras with 4K resolution.
You can still find a product from Eufy that provides excellent clarity at an affordable price. However, if you’re looking to mount your camera from a high vantage point, it might be worth paying more for Arlo’s 4K security camera.

Eufy vs. Arlo Integrations

Eufy and Arlo security cameras come with apps you can use to watch the video feed directly on a mobile device. If you subscribe to the Arlo Secure service, you can watch previously recorded footage. In addition, the product lines offered by both brands integrate with voice assistants. By enabling that feature, you can use smart speakers to talk with anyone in view of the camera or use smart feeds to watch live feeds.
Arlo integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, most devices from the company provided Apple HomeKit integration. One drawback for Eufy cameras is that many don’t work with HomeKit. Those that do tend to capture video at a lower resolution rate when you try to use a Eufy camera with one of Apple’s smart home systems.

Eufy vs. Arlo Price

Arlo cameras start at a base price of $99.99. If you’re interested in an Arlo camera with 4K resolution, those start at around $299.99. If you’re going to pay that much for a system, it can’t hurt to back up your purchase with a smart home tech extended warranty. While Eufy security cameras start as low as $29.99, you should consider the number of features you may or may not get at that price.
If you want full access to everything available from the Arlo security camera system, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly plan. That lets you view previously recorded footage and access smart features that cut down on unwanted notifications.
Even if they don’t sign up for an Arlo subscription, customers still get alerts about motions picked up by the camera. In addition, you can log in to view current live feeds. However, you won’t have the ability to store videos for later review.
With Eufy, there’s no need to subscribe to a service to look at previously recorded footage. Eufy cameras come with local storage. That makes them an excellent value for consumers not interested in signing up for a subscription service just to review older footage. However, there is an option to sign up for additional storage space at a low monthly cost, depending on your needs.

Protect Your Pockets From Unnecessary Security System Costs

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