What to Expect From the Android 12 Update

Google's latest Android 12 update is fast approaching. First unveiled at a developer conference earlier this year, Android 12 has been in public beta for several months already. However, a stable release is now understood to be just on the horizon.
With that, it's expected to be rolled out to all Android users imminently. From an all-new privacy dashboard to face-based auto-rotate, here's what we know to expect from the Android 12 update.

Android 12 Features

As ever, Google's public beta of its latest Android operating system has offered a valuable insight into what to expect from the finished product. The public beta's latest updates, in particular, have proved especially insightful. Of course, it's possible that Google may still have more in store. For now, though, there's plenty to look forward to based on six largely confirmed Android 12 features.

Quick Tap Options

Among the most versatile additions to Android 12 is a new quick tap feature. But rather than tapping the screen, the process is carried out on the back of a device. This process then triggers a chosen action, such as taking a screenshot or launching Google Assistant.
Once enabled, the function allows different actions to be triggered in the event of a double-tap, triple-tap, or four or more taps.

Privacy Dashboard

Google hasn't hesitated in placing a significant emphasis on privacy in Android 12. The new operating system's privacy dashboard feature will give Android-powered smartphone and tablet owners better control. It will also give users more transparency surrounding their data than ever before.
Fundamentally, it's designed to help prevent apps from unnecessarily collecting potentially sensitive information. The new dashboard will also allow users to turn off their cameras and microphones across all apps in one single, swift action.

One-Handed Mode

As smartphones continue to get larger, using them one-handedly becomes more and more tricky. Android 12 will look to address this with a new one-handed mode. Something similar has been a staple feature on Apple's iPhones for a while already. Now, adjustable user interface settings in the upcoming operating system refresh from Google will allow Android users to benefit in much the same way.

Face-Based Auto-Rotate

Originally slated as a new feature only available on Google's Pixel smartphones, face-based auto-rotate is now expected to be rolled out for all Android users. Instead of a device's display automatically rotating based solely on how it's being held, an option will now auto-rotate based on what a person is doing.
Using the front-facing camera, Android 12 will switch between portrait and landscape modes according to which way a user's head is turned.

Scrollable Screenshots Tool

Traditionally, capturing content that needed scrolling through has called for two or more screenshots. In Android 12, this will no longer be the case, thanks to a new scrollable screenshots tool. Allowing users to take one long screenshot instead of several individual ones, it'll now be possible to capture more of a device's screen in one image than ever.
Like one-handed mode on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy owners have already been furnished with largely identical functionality built directly into their devices. Google's latest operating system, however, will introduce this to all Android users after taking a screenshot in the usual fashion.

New Emojis

Last but not least, Android 12 also promises around 400 new or updated emoji designs. Many will be revisions of existing options. Furthermore, a number of brand-new choices are also set to be introduced with the final version of the latest Android operating system.

Android 12 Update Release Date

As it stands, Google remains tight-lipped about when exactly Android 12 will be made available for general download. The final version of Android 11 was rolled out on September 8 last year. Android 10, meanwhile, landed a little earlier on September 3, 2019. By that token, Android 12 is already somewhat overdue, presumably as Google continues to iron out any remaining issues with the latest version of the operating system.
While you wait, why not check out some of the many upcoming smartphones set to launch with Android 12 preinstalled straight from the box? Most of the major manufacturers of Android-powered smartphones currently have new handsets in the pipeline. Arguably among the most hotly anticipated is the Samsung Galaxy S22. Likely to arrive in January 2022, the flagship Galaxy smartphone from Samsung will no doubt showcase Android 12 to the absolute best of its abilities.

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