Google Nest Doorbell: Wired Versus Battery

Google introduced its first smart doorbell in 2018. At the time, it stood out as a revolutionary smart device for homes. This year's version of the original Google Nest Hello got a new name, the Nest Doorbell (Wired). By late August, the company promised to introduce another smart doorbell called Nest Doorbell (Battery).
The names sound very similar, and they both perform the same basic functions. Still, the two products differ quite a bit. Find out how the Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) compares to the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery).

Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) Vs. Google Nest Doorbell (Battery)

Consider the merits of both of these Google Nest doorbells based on price and features:

Cost Comparison

As the name implies, the wired version needs a wired connection for electricity. In contrast, the battery version offers a better option for people who can't or don't want to hire an electrician to install it for them.
Also, the Nest (Battery) only costs $180, but the Nest (Wired) costs $230, even before paying somebody to hook it up. However, the battery-powered version uses a rechargeable battery, which could cause some inconvenience. People who buy the Nest (Battery) can also choose to wire it to their home electricity if they get tired of recharging the battery.

Feature Comparison

According to CNET, the wired doorbell supports 24-7 recording. In comparison, the battery-powered product won't record continuously. That's true even if it's hardwired into the electricity.
On the other hand, the Nest (Battery) includes a new machine-learning chip that can tell the difference between packages, people, vehicles, and animals. The traditional, wired product can only differentiate between people and any other motion.
The Nest (battery) can record for a time during a power outage, and the wired model cannot work without electricity. It offers three hours of videos even without a paid subscription, but the wired model only provides still images. Both devices include free smart alerts, night vision, and HDR. The Nest (Wired) comes with a wider field of view and a more powerful zoom camera.

Which Nest Doorbell is Better?

According to a CNET review of the Nest (Wired), the latest version of this older device still offers value. With the $6 monthly subscription, both options include Familiar Faces, a feature that can recognize friends and family. The paid subscription for the wired version also offers alerts when it detects people or sounds. Both products include free motion alerts, so they function even without a subscription. Additionally, both options connect with other Google Nest devices.
The Nest (Wired) still holds up. However, it doesn't stand out like it used to. That's especially true when the battery-powered version costs $50 less. Of course, the Nest (battery) offers an obvious choice for people who can't wire the device into the building's power.

Protecting Google Nest Devices

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