Google Introduces All-New Floodlight Nest Camera

Since acquiring the brand in 2014, Google has turned Nest into a market leader in smart home tech. Although it was once best known for its thermostats, today Nest’s most popular products are its doorbells and cameras. Recently, Google added to its lineup of security cameras with a new outdoor floodlight camera.

New Nest Floodlight Camera

As part of an ongoing overhaul focused on a unified design language, Google is launching several new products under its popular Nest smart home tech brand. A recent announcement revealed that Google would phase out its existing Nest IQ camera. Instead, customers will now be given a choice of all-new alternatives, including both indoor-only and outdoor cameras.
Furthermore, Google will offer a floodlight option for the first time. At $279.99, the new Nest Cam with floodlight is the brand’s most expensive camera ever, costing over two and a half times as much as its entry-level, indoor-only model. However, buyers have plenty to look forward to from the new floodlight-equipped outdoor version.
Other smart home tech companies, such as Ring, have had floodlight cameras for sale for some time now. Accordingly, Google brings its first Nest-branded alternative to the market with a raft of impressive features on offer designed to squash the competition from the outset.

Nest Cam With Floodlight Features

Each of Google’s new Nest cameras includes a range of features. Google’s refreshed lineup takes advantage of cutting-edge advances in machine learning. The brand’s new top-of-the-range floodlight camera will, no doubt, benefit from machine learning the most.

On-Device Machine Learning

The newest Nest cameras will be the most intelligent ever offered for sale by Google. As a result, the camera will accurately detect between people, vehicles, packages, and animals.
And because this is happening directly on the device itself, there’s no need for cloud processing. This means you won’t need a subscription to access some of the most impressive aspects of what the new Nest floodlight camera can potentially do.
Additional abilities, of course, will require a subscription, such as cloud-based facial recognition. Yet, not paying for a subscription won’t hinder the best of what the product can do at its core. Rather, choosing to subscribe simply adds an extra level of functionality that’s nice to have and needs paid-for space in the cloud to run.

Specific Alerts For People, Pets, and More

Thanks to Google’s use of cutting-edge machine learning, buyers of the latest Nest devices — all-new floodlight cameras included — specific alerts for people, vehicles, packages, and animals. In the past, smart home camera users and doorbell users have repeatedly criticized universal alerts for all eventualities.
While other companies, including Wyze, have already integrated similar abilities into their video doorbells and cameras, the latest Nest products promise to be faster and more accurate. And all without a costly subscription – something that’s important when looking at value for money in the longer term.
Google says that its latest Nest cameras will outperform the competition thanks to a proprietary processing unit. This processing unit will reportedly allow Google’s algorithms to run twice as fast as on previous incarnations of Nest camera. In fact, it’s the same tech that Google uses to help the upcoming Google Pixel 6 smartphone stand out from its own competitors, like Apple’s iPhone 12 and Samsung’s various Galaxy-branded handsets.

2,400-Lumen Floodlight

Google’s new top-of-the-range Nest outdoor camera will pack an impressive 2,400-lumen floodlight. The same on-device machine learning technology that benefits all of Nest’s new devices will also specifically bolster the priciest model’s lighting capabilities.
As such, unlike with a standard floodlight, buyers can choose how and when those 2,400 lumens are triggered. For example, you can set the light to ignore animals and turn on for people or vehicles. It’s an important consideration for any smart home camera in today’s market, but doubly so for one with a floodlight. This is especially true where local wildlife could trigger some devices throughout the night.
Furthermore, the camera’s closest competitor, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, lacks many of the new Nest alternative’s other top features.

Nest Floodlight Camera Warranty

The Nest Floodlight Camera from Google is a sizable investment. As an outdoor camera, the Nest Floodlight Camera will be exposed to the elements 365 days a year, making it essential to protect it with an extended home tech warranty. Upsie is one of the best options for those Google Nest devices.
An Upsie’s warranty overlaps with Google’s limited Nest warranty and takes over coverage once the limited warranty expires. Additionally, customers can have peace of mind with extended warranties that last up to three years.
With Upsie, extended warranty customers receive a host of benefits, all with no deductible. These benefits include protection against mechanical defects and power failures. They also offer convenient access to a network of certified local repair shops.
Providing coverage far beyond what standard limited warranties offer, Upsie has warranties for both Nest cameras and doorbells.

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