How to Improve Your Halloween with Tech

Halloween is the time when everyone dresses up, the kids go trick or treating and everyone eats way too much candy. Despite its reputation, Halloween isn’t all that spooky anymore. If you’re looking to spice up your Halloween, consider incorporating tech into your celebration! Check out these six ways to make your Halloween celebration spookier using tech.

Showcase Scary Music and Spooky Sounds

It’s not Halloween without the sound of a creaking door and “Monster Mash” blaring through the speakers. Make use of your portable speaker by placing it near an open window or by your doorstep. When trick or treaters come to the door, greet them with a spooky sound. You’ll be the most memorable house on the block!

Enhance a Halloween Costume

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your costume this year, consider using tech! Try placing battery-powered hue lights around a halo to bring some illumination to your costume. Alternately, use your tablet to power your look. For example, create a beating heart by cutting a hole out of your shirt. Pull up a meme of a heart and let it play. The possibilities are endless.

Play with Lighting

There are so many options for lighting nowadays. If you like string lights, get ones that change color. This way, you can have white everyday lighting and then change for the holiday. Purple or orange are fun colors to use for Halloween. You can also set them to change constantly for fun party lighting. Then, when Halloween is over, switch them back to a neutral color. No need for getting up on step stools to change out light bulbs with every season.

Unleash Ghosts on the Neighborhood

Think about how cool it would be to have ghosts floating around your yard or neighborhood on Halloween. I’m not talking about hanging your ghosts from trees and hoping for a windy day. Consider flying them around with the help of drones. Place a lightweight cloth around your drone and then take off. It’ll be far more entertaining watching your handmade ghost wander the neighborhood than watching your ghosts sit in your yard. Plus, you’ll get to see people’s reactions.

Automate your Decorations with Tech

Another unique addition to your Halloween setup is smart plugs. Smart plugs can be used to set a schedule for your decorations. You can also directly control the decorations hooked to your smart plug from your device. On top of all of that, you can hook up a motion sensor to the smart plug so you can trigger anything from lights to other decorations. With the slightest bit of movement, it could turn a still yard into a lively one.

“Alexa, read something spooky.”

The beauty of smart home speakers is that they can read aloud anything from recipes to books. Try asking Alexa to read a spooky story to the kids. Or have your speaker read a more mysterious piece like “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe at your adult party. Another idea is to place it close to your door to interact with the trick or treaters. Sometimes the power behind the spoken word can be more powerful than music.

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