Lenovo Warranty Versus Upsie for Laptops, PCs, and Tablets

Lenovo’s laptops, PCs, tablets, and other devices are now more impressive and thus popular than ever. With that, there’s increased demand for extended warranties across the board. Lenovo offers various options as a part of its Warranty Upgrade and Warranty Extension schemes.
However, these options can be both costly and complicated. Furthermore, not all of Lenovo’s extended warranty solutions are equal. Some simply extend the manufacturer’s base warranty length, while others also protect against unintentional liquid spills and other accidents.
Thankfully, coverage from Lenovo isn’t the only option. That’s because Upsie is also on hand with a range of extended warranties that are both comprehensive and affordable, as well as extremely easy to understand.

Lenovo Versus Upsie: Laptop Warranties

Lenovo’s laptops are great, but they’re not immune to common faults like mechanical faults and other failures. Various warranty upgrades sold by the manufacturer cover such eventualities one way or another. However, some upgrades are more comprehensive than others. With that, it may be necessary to combine multiple policies to ensure adequate coverage.
It’s something that can quickly become expensive. By contrast, with Upsie, every extended laptop warranty policy is fully comprehensive. As a result, customers are protected against power shorts, motherboard failures, screen issues, and complications with onboard memory and Wi-Fi components.
That’s in addition to further safeguards in the event of accidental damage. Examples include drops, cracks, liquid spills, complete submersion, and other unintentional mishaps.

Lenovo Versus Upsie: PC Warranties

Upsie’s comprehensive extended PC warranty solutions are also comprehensive. Achieving the same level of coverage with Lenovo’s policies would likely require at least two separate warranty packages. With Upsie, that’s not the case.
Moreover, Lenovo simultaneously sells what it calls Premium Care Support. Premium Care Support from Lenovo grants faster resolutions to warranty queries by allowing policyholders to jump the queue. Yet, with Upsie, every customer gets quick and complete support as standard.
Upsie customers can call or go online 24/7/365 to make an inquiry or start a claim. There’s no need to pay a fee for upgraded support. Instead, a real person handles every query in the first instance, confirming right away whether a potential claim is covered. With Upsie, your PC and desktop monitor are safe from defects and damage, all without a deductible.

Lenovo Versus Upsie: Tablet Warranties

When it comes to extended tablet warranties, there are yet more differences between Lenovo’s coverage and that available from Upsie. Upsie once again makes things as straightforward as possible, covering almost every possible eventuality via just a single policy with no costly upgrades.
Tablets are prone to drops, cracks, liquid spills, and other accidents by their very nature. That’s why Upsie includes accidental damage coverage as standard with every extended tablet warranty, rather than making it an upgrade, as is the case with Lenovo.
And while Lenovo offers discounts of up to 10 percent with a voucher code, Upsie grants potential savings of as much as 70 percent by default. It’s something made possible by cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with Upsie’s experts. That’s as opposed to going via a manufacturer’s insurance company, where markups of several hundred percent may be applied.

Other Warranties

Many of the same benefits outlined above apply to Upsie’s policies for other Lenovo products. That includes the manufacturer’s smartphones, such as the gaming-focused Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, alongside the company’s various Motorola-branded Razr, Edge, and Moto G handsets.
Upsie also offers policies for Lenovo’s growing number of printers, scanners, webcams, wireless earbuds, smart devices, and more. Upsie is the smarter way to warranty. Every policy sold by Upsie promises less pressure, lower prices, and better service. Confusion-free coverage with clear plans and no surprise fees, Upsie’s products are designed for real people and the devices they depend upon most.
Other benefits include free transfers and unlimited claims up to a device’s purchase price. That’s further to Upsie’s uncompromising customer service, complete with 24/7 claims handled by real people right here in the U.S.

Why Choose Upsie? A Little Secret

Whether up against Lenovo or another manufacturer, a big-box retailer, or a different warranty provider entirely, there’s a little secret to Upsie’s coverage is so comprehensive — Upsie works for its customers, first and foremost.
Most warranty providers take advantage of their customers with policies that cover next to nothing to sky-high plan prices designed solely to pad businesses’ pockets. As a result, Upsie believes that the extended warranty market is long overdue for an upgrade. Upsie creates warranties that better fit people’s needs. To find out more, head to Upsie.com or download the Upsie warranty app.

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