What We Know About the Lenovo Gen 3 ThinkBook Plus

The third-generation ThinkBook Plus from Lenovo is one of the most hotly anticipated laptops of 2022. Why? It’s simple. The all-new ThinkBook Plus promises numerous must-have features, packaged together for the first time in one device. These features include a high-resolution 120Hz ultrawide 17.3-inch screen with a 21:10 aspect ratio, a full-HD webcam, and a choice of 12th-gen Intel Core H-series processors.
The third-generation Lenovo ThinkBook Plus also gets a revolutionary second display positioned to the keyboard’s right. In the past, secondary displays and screens have previously been something of a gimmick on many laptops. However, the upcoming 2022 model ThinkBook Plus looks set to put an end to that trend.

New ThinkBook Plus Puts an End to Gimmicky Secondary Displays

The 8-inch, full-color, style-enabled touchscreen replaces the traditional numeric keypad. So, in essence, it’ll be like having a separate mid-size tablet to work on that’s also connected to the laptop.
Lenovo’s previous generation of ThinkBook Plus got an E Ink display on its lid. While this innovation arrived with some fanfare, the idea ultimately failed to wow, particularly in the longer term. Although the tool was handy for checking calendars and viewing notifications, much beyond that users found it limited. It now makes way for the third-generation model’s much more purposeful keyboard-adjacent LCD touchscreen.
Third-generation Lenovo ThinkBook Plus buyers will also be able to mirror compatible Android smartphones on the brand-new screen. With that, they can access notifications, pull up photos and other files, and plenty more. Alternatively, users can customize the latest ThinkBook Plus’s 8-inch secondary touchscreen to act as a launchpad for apps.

Third-Generation Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Specs

In addition to receiving a choice of 12th-gen Intel Core H-series processors, the third-generation ThinkBook Plus from Lenovo will be available with up to 32GB of memory. The laptop will have a selection of solid-state drives, topping out at 1TB. Other highlights include Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and a variety of Thunderbolt, USB-C, and HDMI ports.
Buyers also get in-built Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology, Eyesafe certification, a 70Whr battery, and a fingerprint reader set into the third-generation ThinkBook Plus’s power button. This fingerprint reader is just one of many security features on the all-new Lenovo laptop.

Latest ThinkBook Follows in Prestigious Footsteps

As more business-focused laptops, Lenovo’s ThinkBooks follow firmly in the footsteps of past generations of similar-looking ThinkPads. In addition, the two laptop models have a history dating back 30 years, with early ThinkPads first arriving at the beginning of the 1990s.
IBM’s ThinkPads quickly achieved massive success and were, for many years, the only brand of laptop certified for use on the International Space Station. Although the new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus lacks the iconic red-colored TrackPoint from the earlier models’ keyboard, it maintains a similar design language. Accordingly, it borrows in numerous areas from the characteristics long associated with the ThinkPad line, including its overall look and feel.

2022 Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Price and Availability

The third-generation Lenovo laptop will arrive on retailers’ shelves in May. Pre-orders will also ship simultaneously, with prices online and in-store starting at $1,399. Considering the all-new model’s specs, it’s hard to argue with Lenovo’s pricing. That said, costs are likely to ramp up quickly depending on which upgrade options buyers select.
Still, particularly as a primarily business-focused device, and even in its most basic guise, the third-generation ThinkBook Plus’s features and performance figures put it largely on a par with many of today’s much more expensive high-end gaming-focused laptops. That includes flagship Legion-branded models from Lenovo’s lineup and manufacturers such as Alienware, MSI, and Razer.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 Warranty

Upsie offers affordable Lenovo warranty solutions to keep laptops safe. In addition, Upsie customers can save up to 70 percent on the cost of an all-important extended laptop warranty for the brand-new $1,400 third-generation ThinkBook Plus from Lenovo.
Benefits range from coverage in the event of manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and hardware failures to any number of further issues, including Wi-Fi, power, and screen problems. Upsie laptop warranties also include accident damage protection. As a result, laptops have protection from drops, cracks, liquid spills, and countless other unfortunate mishaps.
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus buyers across the board can purchase Upsie’s comprehensive extended warranties for laptops bought in the last 60 days. Upsie also offers protection for accessories, including monitors, printers, scanners, routers, and modems.

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