The Most Exciting Tech From Mobile World Congress 2022

Mobile World Congress stands out as one of the world's premier events for mobile technology. The event took place in Spain, and most surprisingly, the most prominent buzzwords at Mobile World Congress 2022 didn't involve 5G, AI, or even smartphones. Find out what the speakers, demonstrators, and attendees learned at this big mobile tech trade show.

The Metaverse Took Over Mobile World Congress 2022

According to CNBC, references to metaverse made their way into most speeches and displays. Metaverse refers to virtual worlds that people can visit to play games, socialize, learn, and conduct business. Nobody can say precisely what the metaverse will look like in a few years. But it's a topic of interest to many tech companies.
As for hardware to power the metaverse, many industry leaders, including Mark Zuckerberg, said that they needed better processors to enable the VR-based future they envision. Chip manufacturers have made enormous strides in the last few years. But they still need faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient processors to power virtual reality.

Other Highlights of Mobile World Congress 2022

Attendees from Engadget didn't necessarily express surprise about metaverse chatter specifically. Still, the reporters did mention the scarcity of mobile phone releases at an event usually geared towards smartphones. Instead, Engadget reported on more announcements of new e-readers, tablets, and even a few laptops.
Engadget did mention a couple of highlights:
  • Oppo unveiled the Find X5 Pro, a stylish phone with a neural net, advanced chipset, and two 50MP cameras.
  • Huawei introduced several new devices, including their latest MateBook laptop, an all-in-one PC called MateStation, the MatePad Paper e-reader, and new speakers.
  • TCL showed off some experimental products, including a prototype of a foldable phone that folds both in and out for use. For instance, the phone can fold out into a tablet, or the displays can fold so one side makes a stand for a smaller display or for taking photos.
  • TCL also launched five 30-Series smartphones and two new tablets, including a paper display e-reader.
  • The chairman of the US FC, Jessica Rosenworcel, spoke about 5G developments.
In addition, Samsung previously announced new smartphones and tablets, so they also showed off their latest laptops, the Galaxy Book2 Series.

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