The Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer: Is It Worth the Price?

Cutting-edge technology and marketing buzzwords aren’t just for smartphones and televisions anymore. Ordinary household products such as blenders and hair dryers now sport fancy features aimed to entice customers. The Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer, for example, talks a big game. But, does this fancy styling device live up to all of its ambitious claims? Keep reading to find out.

Moisture Infusion

Anyone who has used a traditional electric hair dryer knows all about its pros and cons. Loud devices can make styling hair less than appealing. They can be especially problematic for users with hair that gets dried out easily, resulting in depleted natural oils.
The Panasonic Nanoe strives to solve this problem in a unique way: the device takes in moisture from the air and then converts it into tiny particles. These “nanoe” particles are infused directly into the hair follicles, allowing them to keep those valuable oils.
While this feature certainly sounds promising, consumers are skeptical as to whether it works. According to preliminary reviews completed by regular customers as well as product testers, the answer is yes. The Panasonic Nanoe won’t leave users with a salon-quality look, but for a home-based approach, it’s definitely effective. While competitors offer their own version of this ionic drying technology, Panasonic’s take on it gets the job done.

Oscillating Head

Sometimes, using a blow dryer can feel more like playing the maraca. This might mean shaking and moving the dryer back and forth to prevent hair or, even worse, scalp burns. All this movement can make simply drying hair feel like an arduous task.
Panasonic eliminates the need for waving the blow dryer around altogether. The solution? An oscillating head handles all the movement needed, allowing the user to provide a steady hand and get the job done without the need for back and forth motions. When it’s time to focus on one particular area, the user can lock the head into place so a direct stream of air can be called upon. While this oscillating head isn’t going to revolutionize the home hair care market, it’s a nice feature regardless.

Other Features and Competition

Hair dryers don’t need to accomplish much beyond their intended purpose, so there’s no reason to go overboard with features. The Panasonic Nanoe has two speed modes and three temperature settings, and that’s pretty much it — but that’s not necessarily a problem.
The Nanoe also comes with several attachments. These include the oscillator head, as well as a diffuser and a concentrator head.
There’s no question that Panasonic opted exclusively for the basics. It’s a smart strategy since the Nanoe can’t compete against pricier competitors that can do more. Options from BaByliss PRO and Gamma+ are more expensive, and while they leave hair looking smoother and silkier, the difference is negligible. Consumers must ask themselves if they are willing to spend a little bit more for features that they probably don’t need.
At $99, the Panasonic Nanoe is a great value for people seeking a mid-range hair dryer. The “nanoe” infusion aspect works just fine, but it’s the oscillating head that makes this product stand out. Wave goodbye to the wild flailing in the bathroom — and say hello to a dryer that has solved that problem for good.

Upsie Extended Warranty Coverage for Hair Dryers And More

Those investing in the Nanoe should consider pairing it with an Upsie extended warranty. An extended warranty through Upsie is a smart decision, whether it’s for a hair dryer, video game console, or a new smartphone.
At Upsie, prices are clearly communicated — and consumers know exactly what’s covered and how much it costs. For example, a two-year warranty for the Panasonic Nanoe (with a price tag of $99) costs only $9.99 with no deductible. In addition, Upsie’s warranties often cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from their competitors. They also protect hair dryers from manufacturing defects, heating and cooling issues, and more.

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